The Lion and the Boy

A boy sparked a scream that went beyond the world.

Everyone heard it, but no one asked why. The sound didn’t ask. The atmosphere didn’t ask.

However, the lion got up. He ran to the boy without sleeping, without ever resting, but his way was long. It took the lion a day and a night to get to the boy. The boy was in a wide, wide field, still screaming.

However, when the animal was right in front of him, he stopped and stared at it. Unlike his peers, he showed no fear, joy or childish gesture towards the animal.

The lion, too, stared as if suddenly carved out of stone. Suddenly everyone came and wondered why the boy had stopped screaming. Entire cities, the sound and the atmosphere gathered around the boy and the lion on this one, with nothing but a field covered with grass, and marveled.

The air was fresh and pleasant, the sun was shining because she knew what was about to happen. It was quiet. Until this moment.

And although no one except the boy and the lion remembered it, everyone was really amazed.

Then all the animals left again. The cities and forests filled with life again, the universe relaxed again, and the sun laughed itself dead.

A lioness appeared and the lion moved again. It was dark now, the sun was dead. The stars shone beautifully and brightly, they showed the lions the way to go again. At first they both turned away from the boy. But he didn’t want to believe what just happened.

Then the lion looked him in the eye again, while he stood briefly with his head turned to the boy. Then the lion roared, and shortly afterwards the lioness got in with him. But this time the scream didn’t go around the world.

All who heard it, in all the nearby villages, towns and vehicles, wondered what this noise was making there. Some only cursed because they wanted to sleep. The sound wondered why it should move about a lion. The atmosphere, on the other hand, didn’t ask anything, because it was beginning to understand.

Another group of animals gathered around the boy, the lion and the lioness, but not as big as the first time.

Then they asked the boy what the noise was all about.

Hey! I hope you had fun while reading.

What do you think of this story?

Honestly, I don’t exactly know what was going on in my head while writing this short little tale, but somehow, I’m kinda proud for producing things like these that always come with some hidden meaning.

Some of my friends even thought it was scary or sad. So, I’d be interested to hear your opinion as well!

As always: Have a great day, stay curious and…

Thank you for Reading!

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