Smalltalk with the Universe

“ Life is a game. The rules of the game are the rules of mathematics and logic.

The token pieces can be explained by biology, and the game board is made up of physics and chemistry.

Which laws shape the goal? The imagination and creativity. » – Ventusator

In other words: Life makes no sense, the universe and we came into being by chance, and this sympathetic Mr. Chance has kindly left us a few rules to deal with. Or maybe not.

What would cause some headaches and existential for some normal beings, makes others now fear of raising the question of whether what this author says through his writings is also true.

Well, why are we not asking me, but the universe. Objection ?

We humans: “Hey, universe! »

Universe: «Hm? »

W: «Yeah, uh, we wanted to ask you a few things. We don’t really understand ourselves, have tried to examine you and explain things to us, but as soon as we find something that makes sense, another question arises, such as this dark matter – what is it? »

U: «Chill! Man, calm down, and tell me what you want first. »

W: “Well… well, we don’t really know that ourselves. At least most of us don’t. Some don’t even ask because they don’t understand the meaning of asking. »

U: «I see I see. Bad luck bad luck. Unfortunately, nothing can be done about that. Then I’ll be gone, have to procrastinate and do something like that, maybe create a new galaxy or something. Who knows… “

W: «Wait! And you just leave us here like that? What about our questions? What’s the meaning of life ?

U: «Take it slowly here, who said something about meaning? I don’t act because there is a specific reason or something, I’m just bored! You humans also do that when you are bored: You create something, sometimes in the hope that it will bring something. And then it turns out: No, it’s pointless. For me, your creation was reversed. While I was throwing your universe together, everything went according to plan …

So first came the laws of logic, then mathematics. At first I thought like this: „Hm, if I let a zero exist, there won’t be anything, right? Wrong, then there would be nothing but ONE number? Well what is ONE? Another number? Wow, that’s something. How many numbers do I then have in total? TWO ? Interesting … What if I were to do this indefinitely, time doesn’t exist anyway … Wait a minute … »

U: Yeah, and then your universe came into being. From mathematics I deduced some laws of physics so that you have something, what you can stand on, what you can play with. Somehow that gave rise to chemistry – don’t ask me why, that was a while ago – and then biology. Seasoned with my latest invention – Time – it was one of the best recipes I have ever put together. And then the first living things came. I left that to chance, my best buddy. I’m not quite sure where he could be right now…. Probably in your world, he likes to haunt around and make you believe that there is such a thing as miracles or supernatural … (laughs) Quite my sense of humor.

W: «Ha-ha, very funny. Do you actually know how many coincidences have cost people their lives? The Bermuda Triangle? The curse of the pyramids? Some died from cars accidentally driving past on a road that was usually never run by cars. And that’s what you – no – YOU BOTH call humor ?! »

U: «At least we think it’s funny that you still believe and hope that there would be such a mutual coincidence, everything that happens makes sense blablabla …

However, if you think that coincidence is only responsible for the bad, I would like to remind you that the sperm that made it to the egg cell was just as coincidentally faster than the rest of the colleagues. That there were also – coincidentally – properly acting people present who prevented a suicidal person from jumping clumsily on the rails at the wrong moment. Or what about your belief, religion? By chance, this person appeared to be a messenger, or a saint or something. Weather phenomena, such as the parting lake, caused by pure physics, led the great mass of people to form and maintain a belief that will surely give meaning to many future generations and prevent themselves and others from suicide. “

W: „… So you mean to say that there is no God?“

U: „Oh God, the crucial question … Listen, my answer to your question is: No! I don’t mean that I see myself as a God and that you should believe in me and so on. I am only here so that the laws that I created for you apply in every situation, even those that you do not yet understand, and assign them to chance … But the God most of you imagine is also not entirely correct. Ask yourself the question: What is life? “

W: „You’re not helping us that much, we’ve asked that question a thousand times!“

U: „Then I’ll explain it to you: You can sum up life in all of your senses. As you know, yours and most species have the 5 senses: sight, smell, touch, taste and hearing. But also the brain, which converts all these stimuli into information that you can perceive, quasi translates. As with the computer … whose potential you still don’t use all of it? Human! What did I take you for ?! Not even your economy is going as it could be better! What are you doing with your schools please ?! Now that I keep looking, it would be time for … 2020!

W: „Is that a code or something? For the end of the world? „

U: “So to speak. But not so bad that you would all die. I have planned something else for this … „

W: „Different topic please!“

U: „My pleasure! Where was I….? Ah yes, God and such.

If you imagine all of your senses, and thus all of your information, as energy, what would be the sum of these energies? Correct!

All experiences, be they of people or all other living beings that I have designed, are, to put it in solid terms: life. You don’t know anything else!

All you can logically judge is what you experience. So your senses, your experiences, and memories are all you have. This is your god. And – to put it bluntly: the sum of all gods is the god in whom you believe. Whether he / she has a gender for you, or is called Allah, Buddha, or whatever, what you believe in is what gives you a goal.

In conclusion, it doesn’t matter what you believe in or what your goal is, because life doesn’t make sense anyway! So, have a nice evening. Here I’ll give you a few stars, then it’s evening. “

W: “B-But that was just so nice! About the experiences, and memories … How can you destroy all that just like … that? Don’t you have any feelings for us? “

U: „…“

W: „… what? Hello?“

U: „Feelings were not foreseen for your kind.“

W: “Excuse me? What do you mean by that?“

U: „Actually, I wanted to bypass the topic, but because you obviously want to know about it, here you go:

Earlier I explained to you that everything was going according to plan in your world. The plan was to create a random world and then, well, just wait and see. The first small animals emerged, a few million years later there were animals on the land, a few million years later, and there were a multitude of animals that you named dinosaurs.

Then my friend Chance came back into play, without further ado wiped out the entire living dinosaur population because he’s got sick of the constant howling of the Triceratops, and then many, many years went by again, and then a few living things, this time eating bananas, came up sitting by the tree, and constantly stroking and playing other animals.

Chance and I loved to watch how our formulas created a world, and things happened to our whim and beyond, because the still very small young mother nature was very clumsy at the time and made mistakes over and over again.

Chance helped some ways of life not to die from natural disasters, because sometimes little nature was so confused that it howled and walked, much like you human babies. Well then, what I’m trying to say is:

If you had no sense of survival, you would no longer have a sense of real desire. And consequently no longer any meaningful will. „

W: „And what do we want then?“

That’s the question we’re asking everyday. Are you capable of answering it?

For me, personally, I have to admit that I often experience a little existential crisis, when it comes down to my own desires and wishes… Can anyone relate? :‘)

Btw, just think of Mr. Chance as Mr. Coincidence, i mean the same thing, but „Mr.Chance“ just sounds more appealing imo.

Btw = By the way; imo = in my opinion, for those who didn’t want to search it up themselves ;).

Well then, I hope you guys had fun reading this little existential dialogue. Can you think of more questions we could ask the universe? Let me know in the comments, I’d be curious, and maybe… just maybe, I’m going to write a second scenario, with some of your questions included.

Welp, that’s about it for today!

I wish you a very wonderful day, stay curious and…

Thank You for Reading!

Veröffentlicht von Ventusator

Eigentlich bin ich manchmal ganz nett. Sometimes I may actually be nice.

4 Kommentare zu „Smalltalk with the Universe

  1. Interesting read and a good take on a personal stance from you.
    I proscribe to the Einstein model of science and God. Each to their own in the scheme of things.
    I did a paper on planetary formation back when you had to do things like that to obtain a qualification.
    The unanswered questions that led me to the Einstein model was that there are no answers to the Big Bang and that the initial stages of planetary formation are unknown and remain so to this day despite an abundance of theories given humanities knowledge of science.
    It is postulated that mathematics is the language of the universe and that in fractal geometry this is evidenced. This can be seen everywhere in nature and is absolutely fascinating, at least to me it is fascinating.
    My only question to a sentient universe would be a simple one.
    Why and what purpose?

    Gefällt 1 Person

    1. Thank you!
      If you may allow my question, but did you study philosophy or astrophysics?
      Because both fields seem to fuel my spiritual satisfaction. Not only because they provide answers like the origin of time and space, but also the reason for having this existential „program“ that drives us humans to do research and to change and influence the path we were given to walk. And, well, I think this program is based on logic and mathematics, and that is ironically what drives us to actually get in touch with the mathematics itself once again. Like a never ending spiral, since we’re at the edge of building robots which might be able to recreate themselves one day, by giving their individual piece of information to one another. For us, it’s the genes, in which are also mathematial formulas, for them, it might be pure data, I don’t know.
      But the thing about the sentient universe that seems to hit the state of simple nonsense perfectly, is truely the sheer coincidence that brought us all those mathematical constants. While we would never live in another universe, with different constants, and different creatures, and different laws of nature, we’d never know why exactly those logical coincidencese caused us to live and to ask these questions about other dimensions in the first place.
      In other words: There is no reason to have a purpose, at least that’s my current conclusion. The Universe might just be a being like us, who asks for the purpose, maybe not even knowing that it created us, the human species, who could ask questions. And in the world of universes, all of them ask for the creator, while the creator didn’t even know to have created all these universes, and so on. This never ends, because there is no one, who finally says: „Hey, yeah it’s all my fault, blame it on me, I was just bored, sorry lads“.
      They all keep asking. The same goes for all the universes beneath our dimension, so who think that WE are the universe, or god or whatever, and WE’d know the answer to all of these questions. But if only one dimension stops asking, and just does what it’s supposed to do: Focusing on the „earthly“ needs and the best possible result of your life that you can think of, because your brain was created for THAT purpose, than all the universes disappear for the one who focuses, and through that, it gives sense to all the other dimensions, to just live and to die, and to give Mr. Chance all the fault, who does all this just for fun. And this „nonsense“ is in my opinion the most complicated thing to ever do, that’s why everyone still keeps asking the sense. I mean, it’d be complicated to stay logically, and have the will to survive, but doing nothing for it, right? It just doesn’t makes sense. That’s why we, as humanity, keep asking questions, work hard, in order to have simple results: the „right“ life. It’s a paradox, but the will to understand this, or even just the insight of how complicated this paradox is, is because of the simple reason: you exist. The universe exists also, so why should make it itself unnecessarily complicated, if it’s sentient, so has some kind of will?
      Wow, got longer than I’ve expected. I could also write about the interesting thought: „what happens if we were to focus on other dimensions, in order to satisfy our earthly needs through our spiritual desires (the clarity of answer; maslow’s hierarchy of needs, 2nd level), and through that, keep forgetting other dimensions, and let them disappear“ but I think that’d be too much just for this reply.
      I hope I could answer your question right, I got lost in thoughts for some moments there :D.
      Philo. Greetings,

      Gefällt mir

      1. You question the human experience and existence, and experience, and that is worthwhile.

        As I say to my son, the simplest questions sometimes require the longest responses, such is the human condition in the quest for understanding. We seem to be embarking on a process of destruction rather than advancement regards in that humans are less than technology in the scheme of things as we advance.

        To answer your questions, I spent have spent my life out of step with humanity in that I questioned everything as it made no sense upon inspection and sought a true answer that is yet to be found. I found this from questioning from my conflict between the accepted scientific findings that are constantly evolving as science attempts to describe the things they cannot understand.

        In 2018 I was diagnosed as an Asperger, which is a high functioning autistic. So I have a label that defines me. This moment in time explained to me why I had experienced so much confusion between accepted societal and scientific norms versus my perceptions of life, and humanity in general. It actually explained to me my life to date, which was refreshing and disturbing at the same time. My questioning predates my educational studies as a result as I pondered on the reason for human existence.

        To provide you an example, I placed bets with my peers in early 2018 that we would be in a recession by no later than May 2020 due to the actions of our our leaders. I bet in the king of currency, being cola flavoured chupa chups. I won every single one of those bets due entirely to my evaluation of humanity without consideration of any other factor. Back then they all thought I was crazy and as events transpired that I was right. They no longer argue with me and instead evaluate what is to come. It erodes my desire for confectionary as they will not wager with me.

        I was a surveyor, or in modern terms a spatial scientist who rose to the top of my profession running major projects in Australia. That is until life threw me on the scrapheap due to my age, and personal circumstances as I could no longer do 12 plus hours a day and work away from home at the drop of a hat for months on end as I had a son to raise as a single dad, and significant health problems stemming from paying the price for the sins of my youth. I accept and own my past, and my actions, which is a rare thing for a person as they tend to make excuses for these things. I alone bear the results of my misspent youth.

        Perhaps in this I found that independent evaluation of what was of more value than accepting a norm that described an answer despite the inconsistencies contained.

        Think multiverses to explain the disparity of what fills the void in space and anti-matter versus matter as the ‚experts‘ describe. That is just a guess to explain the unknown, and simplistic in description and thought as a result.

        However, for all of my life I questioned and investigated how things worked on a cosmic and human level as I inspected the world around me despite the alleged findings of experts. Some found value in that, and others derided me for my stance as they saw fit. Some have changed their thought process as time has validated me.

        I found that mathematics explained volumes when considered with regards to fractal geometry as it explains not just the Earthly conditions but the cosmic conditions for the universe. Perhaps this is the universal language that many avoid as it doesn’t not fit an a narrative and is perhaps uncomfortable in the modern narrative.

        Think on why life on Earth is unique and not found anywhere else. Yet in the cosmos, despite the chemical mix required for life as we know it, we are limited. It makes no sense unless you prescribe to a higher authority, being God and his involvement in the cosmic pinball game. Einstein alluded to this.

        I find it interesting that you refer to Maslow and his thesis of hierachy of needs, as he was a outcast of his time despite the validity of his findings, as history proved. Maslow was a visionary of his times and yet derided for his findings that have since been proven. The human condition at work if you will

        Think of Hitler’s vision of lebensraum and how that was flawed as it gave no credence of what he had to displace to promote his vision. A vision based on physical characteristics alone, which he himself did not possess, yet promoted in his ignorance.

        Consider that in the modern narrative and the hypocrisies contained in the message promoted. regards race, gender, and sexuality which is flawed in application and thought.

        When I finally post the last part of my major essay in Antipodean Angst, which is some chapters from complete in posting. I describe this experience in its pertinence to the human condition on a personal level. There are a few chapters remaining so you will to wait to see this.

        I allude to this in that our time on this planet is a mere blink of the eye and it is what we individually do in that blink is what really matters given the scheme of things.

        Humanity is a finite thing and in that we are subject to our evolution, and perception of this in our arrogance as a species and what we believe to be absolute.

        In modernity we think we have the answers and yet we struggle for understanding as it is drowned out in narratives that are blinkered in their views as they scream their points of view to push a point.

        The fullness of time will perhaps answer these questions, or we will be just another footnote in history as we decline as a species and other species will rise as we currently describe it.

        Imagine a future thousands, or tens of thousands of years from now in which another species has risen to dominance that describes us for our failings and not our advances. Consider that we describe dinosaurs as a non-thinking species despite any evidence. Can we not entertain that they were a dominant species capable of higher thought? Or are they just lizards and mindless in their pursuits?

        Consider a future in which we travel the universe as we destroy our plant of origin and are subject to determination of our actions based on our past from other galactic species that judge us on what we evolved from regardless of our history. Mant science fiction narratives allude to this and yet we reside in our arrogant beliefs of our superiority.

        Consider we are nothing more than a fossil record and misunderstood for what we did and what we achieved.

        The possibilities are endless when you consider it.

        It all comes down to the impossible ‚what if of life‘ as we see it.

        Gefällt 1 Person

      2. Oh, and now I remember, that I never answered to this comment.
        Well, to be honest, I didn’t really knew what to answer.
        I also didn’t want to just write: „k“, and continue to repeat the content of my articles and stories.
        Not that I was shocked or embaressed. My thoughts just weren’t interesting/worth enough to reply here.
        Still, with your slight description of your life and core-philosophy, I see you as a geographically distant comrade who wanders the world just as or even more questioningly as I do.
        Our intuition and vision of the world may differ slightly, but at the core we belong to the group of living beings who can really make a difference because we are ahead of our time.
        With that said, I really appreciate that you could still pay me a little visit. I’ll try to return this favor as best I can (next week at the latest).
        P.S .: Oh, and another reason why I didn’t want to answer earlier is because I normally put a lot of time into some kind of structure for my comment / answer, e.g. in the form of notes that I have made beforehand, or at least through a lyrical thought manifesto. As I can see, you don’t mind if these formalities are foregone. Just so you know, that’s rare for me.
        Admittedly, writing without preparation may be more efficient. I’ll try it out next time I comment beneath your latest article!
        Philo. Greetings,

        Gefällt mir

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