A simple, but sentient Universe?

Philosophy, Astrophysics, and all similar fields seem to fuel my spiritual satisfaction.

Not only because they provide answers like the origin of time and space, but also the reason for having this existential “program” that drives us humans to do research and to change and influence the path we were given to walk.

And, well, I think this program is based on logic and mathematics, and that is ironically what drives us to actually get in touch with the mathematics itself once again. Like a never ending spiral, since we’re at the edge of building robots which might be able to recreate themselves one day, by giving their individual piece of information to one another.

For us, it’s the genes, in which are also mathematial formulas, for them, it might be pure data, some algorithm or maybe just some cute pictures of cats and puppys, I don’t know.

Schrödinger and his cat would be proud.

But the thing about the sentient universe that seems to hit the state of simple nonsense perfectly, is truely the sheer coincidence that brought us all those mathematical constants.

While we would never live in another universe, with different constants, and different creatures, and different laws of nature, we’d never know why exactly those logical coincidencese caused us to live and to ask these questions about other dimensions in the first place.

In other words: There is no reason to have a purpose, at least that’s my current conclusion.

The Universe might just be a being like us, who asks for the purpose, maybe not even knowing that it created us, the human species, who could ask questions.

And in the world of universes, all of them ask for the creator, while the creator didn’t even know to have created all these universes, and so on. This never ends, because there is no one, who finally says:

“Hey, yeah it’s all my fault, blame it on me, I was just bored, sorry lads”.

They all keep asking. The same goes for all the universes beneath our dimension, so who think that WE are the universe, or god or whatever, and WE’d know the answer to all of these questions.

But if only one dimension stops asking, and just does what it’s supposed to do:

Focusing on the “earthly” needs and the best possible result of your life that you can think of, because your brain was created for THAT purpose, than all the universes disappear for the one who focuses, and through that, it gives sense to all the other dimensions, to just live and to die, and to give Mr. Chance all the fault, who does all this just for fun.

And all this “nonsense” is in my opinion the most complicated thing to ever do, that’s why everyone still keeps asking the sense.

I mean, it’d be complicated to stay logically, and have the will to survive, but doing nothing for it, right? It just doesn’t make sense. That’s why we, as humanity, keep asking questions, work hard, in order to have one simple result: The “right” life.

It’s a paradox, but the will to understand this, or even just the insight of how complicated this paradox is, is because of the simple reason: You exist. The universe exists also, so why should it make itself unnecessarily complicated, if it’s sentient, so it may have some kind of will?

But what happens if we were to focus on other dimensions, in order to satisfy our earthly needs through our spiritual desires (the clarity of answer; maslow’s hierarchy of needs, 2nd level), and through that, keep forgetting other dimensions, and letting them disappear?

In other words: Wouldn’t it be possible to save all the energy for something that strives for meaning?

No, probably not. We’re bond to do senseless stuff, like making ourselves and our „tribe“ go satisfied, without any further meaning. Because the deeds, the organisation of thoughts to achieve these goals, consequently end up in the sense of life, which we created by ourselves. Then, it can be told by our offspring to further, next coming generation. That provides meaning. It provides growth.

By just focusing on other dimensions, we might not be able to reach any.

However, by focusing on other worlds, we are able to get more of the understanding around us, and all the possible meanings all this has. Still, it remains a tool of the tribe.

So all in all it’s pretty animalistic, because even the desire to be safe, and to understand the world around us, only makes us want to satisfy our animal within. It ain’t complicated, just try it out yourself!

True meaning is to understand why we’re doing all of this, and also, why we want all of this.

This is, what makes the real sentient part of the universe, within ourselves, just so beautifully simple.

Hey! This Article was mainly inspired by a reply to a comment I wrote to mickmart21, you can find the link to his(/her?) blog down here:

I replied to the question: „Why a feeling universe, that would be aware of itself, would just be so simple ?“.

And after a whole lot of outspacing in my head (pun not intended), I finally became aware (this pun isn’t intended either) that my answer nearly seemed to be an essay itself, because it’s length was nearly just as much as I usually write in my articles. So, yeah, here you have it. I hope you enjoyed! (^v^)

Thanks again mick!

I wish y’all will have a beautiful day, stay curios, and…

Thank You for Reading!

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