Let’s talk about book writers or creators of great power, namely information, have made it through the years of human idiocrazy.

History is just one of many factors that should not be forgotten.

It is the anxiety that affects the present and the past, and (maybe) not necessarily a recurring pattern of human behavior.

If history had turned out differently, there might be other achievements as well, as well as other issues that we’d get upset about today.

Personally, I also live by the motto: The plan can change, the goal always remains the same, and so, or something like that, is the case with human history.

People have to earn their vote first. It makes no sense to let all opinions be valued equally, just because the earth has circled the sun 18 or 21 times, and the long-lived person was taught in an „educational institution“.

Success and skills make a person qualified, I mean, why do people vote who do not even actively deal intensively with the opinions of other people, and at least try to understand them in order to achieve an overall better result for society?

For that, and for nothing else, are elections good at all ?! So people who only want the best for themselves are unfortunately also at an advantage in a democracy, so that a people who do not think of the people is doomed to its own doom.

Social media – especially Twitter should be emphasized here – have become the values ​​that should actually be prevented in the original idea: Prejudice and envy. The theory is often enviable.

For example, people are just beautiful if you take a closer look at their potentials:

A person can question, understand thinking. So the environment is useful to him.

A person can hunt, exercise, exert himself. So his body is useful to him.

A person can help to act empathically and support society in colonizing the universe.

So other people, oh well, other living beings are useful to him.

But the reality is very different … What ceases Social Media to show us?

People don’t think, don’t train and don’t help.

There are no reasons, they say, no sense behind it all.

I would now like to counteract this.

It is my duty as a human being to fight for my species in a possibly hopeless fight, because logic and reason in me so demand.

It is the least I can do, because even the illusion of my reason, the interpretation of this reality makes me act in such a way as to prevent most of the suffering, most of the „minus“, which concerns not me, but what concerns humanity.

I want to work out the principles of progress in society and present them to you.

I want you who read and follow this blog to understand what you are doing, why you exist, and why you want something.

This is an announcement:

On August 1st I will translate the book „Plus und Minus“, which can already be found in German on this blog, into English. During this time I will be working on a new book that will shed more light on the theory of progress. I should mention that this theory arose entirely from me, independently from the world around me.

Hey! Just wanted to check how many people are still visiting this site after receiving a notification. 🙂

Work in my real life just got me so busy, that there was no more time to work on other questions, that still remain unanswered.

If you haven’t already, please subscribe to the newsletter, if you don’t want to miss out the translation of my book and my new works.

As always, I wish you a beautiful day, stay curious, and…

Thank you for Reading!

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Eigentlich bin ich manchmal ganz nett. Sometimes I may actually be nice.

2 Kommentare zu „Announcement

    1. The days just passed on me. Immediately after my final oral exam, I had to prepare for an internship because the employer first gave me a checklist that, to be honest, I hadn’t expected to be so nerve-wracking.
      Next week the stress will (probably) be over (for the most part), from then on, as announced, the English chapters will come.
      But Thank You, at least someone didn’t forget about my existence 😉

      Gefällt mir

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