CEIU (DCU – English Version)

Trigger warning: Bad grammar and punctuation as well as my own critical position can be found in this short story. The latter is illustrated by an unfortunate event that might deter / disturb some readers.

All Characters, Organisations and Places mentioned in this work are fictional, and are not based on reality. If there can be found any similarities and parallels, please consider that as a coincidence. Thank you.

There is no violence in this short story.

Ice. Slippery. Cool.

Nicely cool.

Nekka craned her head. She was in the middle of the snow and at ease. Well then. At last!

At last all the snow was around her.

She would come joy, infinite joy.

No hat, no jacket, no nothing at all prevented contact with this bitter coolness.

It calms her down, makes her feel safe, as if she were a princess in an ice land.

She alone ruled here, no one else. She had just dreamed exactly the same thing.

She was just lying there on the meadow and the sun is beating down on her, which shouldn’t have been shining for a long time, but a few miles in her town, in a fancy, expensive booth, important people saw this beautiful weather and enjoyed it.

They did nothing, though they would be able to do so.

Nobody was certain, if this important person knew that.

The CEIU, abbreviated for Conducting Chemical and Exhaust Industry Union, certainly wanted to take care of nature and the environment, but most of its members would soon retire, and let’s be honest, which student would really get into studying again shortly before the summer vacation?

Who’d actually make an effort, doing the job right, and being „normal“ (according to social standards) at the same time ?

At least in the school Nekka went to, there was no one who would have done that voluntarily.

But she didn’t care.

She was just glad that it was cold again, this constant heat, which increased year after year, would kill her one day, she was convinced of that.

That’s why she was very committed, often skipped school to protest against the CEIU, which are supposed to stop the constant warming.

She wasn’t interested in politics, however, she was interested in the cold, because she didn’t feel good in the warmth. You would sweat too much, have to drink too much, and therefore go to the toilet a lot more often, then she wouldn’t be able to learn a lot anyway, because she’s also not able to concentrate….

Winter, on the other hand, is easy.

Enough time to read many books in comfort in the living room.


In which the protagonists experienced some kind of action in the snow.

Nekka just liked snow, so it’s no wonder that she has often almost frozen to death, as she always forgot her winter clothes before going out. She reluctantly remembered the three times in her childhood when the ambulance came to save her from freezing to death.

She was small and childish then, she thought. Now she is much more grown up and knows when she has to go home again.

The snow stopped falling.

The clouds were thick and there was no light shining through anywhere.

All the time Nekka had played princess, while the old gentleman in town was unhappy as the sun was no longer shining.

He had work to do but didn’t want to.

He just didn’t want to. Period.

Perhaps he was a politician, but not a worker, after all.

He had worked enough already, but nobody cares, he said.

The media only reports about the bad things, the mistakes I’ve made, and never actually mentions all the stuff what I’ve done well, he complained aloud. Like a little child.

His wife came towards him like a good mother, assuring him that there wasn’t any good job he did at all, that the media could cover.

He nodded to that. Then the grumpy old man got up from the couch, and announced that he has now carefully decided to make some accomplishments from now on!

He and the party would do more for the environment and especially more for the cold, because the people like the cold, so he states euphorically.

Like an over-motivated student just before the summer break.

But Nekka didn’t want to wait any longer. And she actually gave up hope a long time ago.

The hope that the CEIU would finally do something. That they would actually change her mind, her opinion about them.

Don’t just decide things and hope it works out. No, you also need to passionately plunge into your profession every day and help people by finding solutions.

This is the essence politicians should strive to distribute, this is, what this profession was born for in the first place.

Nekka thought all this time.

The DCU politician was really determined and ready to pull it off tomorrow.

But today was still a break. He sat in front of the television with his wife and laughed with her over a report that talked about e-sports.

Nekka’s great passion. In addition to books.

Suddenly she stopped thinking.

That wouldn’t make any sense either, she finished her last thought.

She stopped playing in the snow and stood there very still.

Although she moved a lot, she was now noticeably cold. Very cold.

She actually didn’t know this feeling that well, surprising when you consider how often she almost froze to death.

No, but this time she felt herself freeze to death. She smiled. She looked for the place where she previously fell asleep.

Her parents and dog had been looking for her since a few minutes.

The snow came so suddenly and Nekka hasn’t been home since morning. In the morning it was fresh, but not cold enough for a winter jacket. But strangely enough, the weather changed drastically on that very day, and snow fell without notice. Nekka found the spot and rolled over.

Cold. So cold.

Ice, slippery, cool. Reassurance, security, childhood.

More Ice. More Slipp. Very, very cool … She was trembling. Extremely.

Her dog finally took up her track.

She was not in her favorite spot, as usual, but had gone a little deeper into the forest, to a lake where she liked to slide stones over the water.

In fact, she was pretty good at it, so good that her parents let her practice daily when she felt like it. But if they had expected the snow, then they would never have left Nekka alone.

Everything she saw was white. It was only dark when she closed her eyes for a moment.

She couldn’t make up her mind, both colors were just so beautiful. That’s why she started blinking rapidly.

But she didn’t make it as fast, because it started to hurt. Her eyelids hurt. Because it was so cool.

She hardly felt her heart yet. Her breaths became slower, much slower. Suddenly she got so tired again. At that moment, the CEIU politician was in bed, saying that tomorrow, after all, should be a long, exhausting, productive day.

Her dog had finally found her. Nekka’s body was hypothermic.

Her parents came a few seconds later, and in those very seconds, she died.

The next morning, Nekka’s parents left the television on as usual. There was nothing, no speeches, no concepts, no discussions. A completely normal black day, despite the snow. And it stayed like that way for weeks, months, years …

At some point Nekka’s parents also died. Because of the consequences of overheating.

Please, whoever you are, let this story go through your mind.

Also, please share it as best you can.

Nekka would be happy.

As always, have a wonderful, freezing cold day, stay curious, and …

Thank you for reading, sharing and commenting!

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