Plus and Minus C3: The Theory of Life

Here is the philosophical / figurative approach to explaining life. Intended for both toddlers and definition freaks of all ages.

I also refer you to the disclaimer at the end of the article because many things can be very misunderstood.

The world is made up of atoms. Atoms are made up of particles.

There are positive (+), negative (-) and neutral particles ( ).

(+) mostly stand for something good, (-) rather for something bad. Good means that it supports you, bad means that it harms you, e.g. makes you feel bad or makes certain processes (such as eating or breathing) difficult. The principle applies in the world:

„Something is better than nothing!“

This can be easily deduced. Because the fact that we think and can somehow judge life makes us something. We know that death is bad because in this state neither thought nor anything else can be done. So it is purely logical to say that we humans assess life (or at the moment only thinking) as positive (+), otherwise we wouldn’t exactly do it. If the opposite of life represents death, this is automatically to be judged negatively according to the laws of logic (-). The question why we think is just as easy to answer:

„Every system supplied with energy strives for improvement and change“

So people want to think in order to win, to overtake others and just be the best version of ourselves. The following model addresses this:

Fig. 1

There are also two extremely important principles:

„Life = good = energy = time“

„Death = bad = matter = space“

We know from physics that converted energy into particles that in turn form atoms. Living beings hardly differ from their environment. Their only significance factor is just their functioning, energized system. (see first principle) Otherwise they are pure, dead matter. This in turn leads to the conclusion that even living beings can be calculated in their core structure, and that we therefore know a large part of what defines us. With this knowledge you can then judge what our destiny, our meaning in life, is, right? The answer: of course!

The meaning in life …

… is survival.

Metabolism. Defense. Reproduction. Like every other animal, humans are dependent on their talents provided by nature if they wanted to survive due to given circumstances. And that’s what it wants, according to biology. As you may see, this knowledge comes from the natural sciences, which are synonymous with truth. Incidentally, the truth is good (+). Because only through truth can correct knowledge be obtained, which makes survival possible in the first place. The reason why you are reading these lines is probably because you are curious (or at least I would like to assume that you are curious). Curiosity is basically the same urge as the urge to survive: If education has convinced a person to make an effort on a daily basis, this must have found a meaning or have derived one from his circumstances, because the following applies:

„There is no sense of life as such, but it makes sense from individual, small statements that can be sensibly and logically assessed“

So someone reads this (informative (and) amusing?) Text, for example, with the aim of increasing the likelihood of survival.

Why? See fig 1. Everything strives for the good. The living. Survival. Even if it serves a world view that probably does not have the appropriate capacities and dimensions of complete understanding, and the same may also care very little about it. In other words: people collect their meaning for themselves and work mentally on its consistency / realization. So the same applies to me and this book. But the fact becomes more understandable in this diagram:

Fig. 2

This figure lets you get one thing straight at least: Even if you don’t make any effort, leave your tasks behind and just exist, you or your body are still working. As much as you try to just be quiet and pretend you’re dead, you are not. The reason for this is obvious: You have energy. Unlike those who have run out of energy. And there are quite a few. In other words, you are just better than everyone who died. If a universal ranking were introduced to show who had more power, you would certainly not be in last place. In front of you there would be thousands of people who have actually made worse decisions in their bodies than you, not necessarily in your lifetime, but still to the same extent. The principle applies as long as you live:

„Everything that is alive is better than everything that is alive“

This simply means that the value of life (measured against time) increases towards the future. It also makes sense that someone who died in the past will be less able to achieve in life than someone who is still alive and will help shape the future.

„That person who thinks, or at least tries to do so, is always better than someone who doesn’t“

In Figure 2, this lower limit is your personal peace: if you do nothing, your heart is still beating, your lungs are still breathing in and out. There is always a battle going on in your cells between bacteria and anti-bodies, very often in your favor. You never reach death that way, at least not in the short term. Oh and by the way: Even if you were dead, you wouldn’t know. Conversely, it is simply not possible for you to be dead, which is basically the manslaughter argument for anyone at risk of suicide. Yes, that was black humor.

Oh dear, again a very difficult topic … I refer to the disclaimer below the article!

The upper limit shown in Fig. 2 is variable and depends on the physical and mental attitude and effort capacity. Since everyone strives for life, regeneration will also start after an activity (from reaching the variable lower limit) in order to improve over time and to be able to do more activity from day to day. The similar principle is also used in training theory and is called supercompensation. Since this improvement would theoretically take place indefinitely, there are more reasons why we should make an effort. Here is an excerpt from my philosophical writings: “… Doesn’t mean that it would no longer make sense to completely forego the activity. This would describe death (-) because you limit yourself to one of the two particles, namely the (+). if…

Fig. 3

… does not apply, you are theoretically already dead because you do not have any energy, although you have it. Of course, breaks and relaxation are important, as can be seen from Fig. 2, but restriction to only one dualistic option ((+) or (-)) means both death in life. […] So it is now clear that we should make an effort. But why is another question … The answer is personality and individuality. This ensures that emergence (i.e. task distribution of many individual simple particles, to a complex system) takes hold, and life (many also refer to it as God or Allah) itself appears as a living being that strives to survive … “ In itself, „imaginary“ life is simply the unintelligent energy that can make our human system intelligent in order to make it strive for the best like every other being. To do this, it uses the process of elimination from evolution (so-called natural selection) to limit the diversity of animals that accidentally emerged through biological processes to those life forms whose adaptability is best (evolution theorem by Charles R. Darwin). Why do you think there were the dinosaurs before us? Or all the animal species that then gradually became extinct? Because nature let a symphony of natural disasters rain on us, and also charged us all negatively, so that we all repel each other, and lets win the specimen with the strongest charge (depending on the circumstances). Humans need two conditions to be able to survive:

  1. Peace (= a security → I am I; you are you) => Education

2. (at least a bit) Motivation (= one or more goals) Both in turn determine the personality and individual preferences.

Every personality is, at the end, nothing more than a survival strategy. Accordingly, every living being also has a goal, which does not necessarily have to be related to the current situation and current needs. Something like that is called a dream. In order to arrive at this desired state, changes and developments must come about. The former comes automatically, the latter takes effort and inconvenience.

And we face this inconvenience day after day …

Thank You for your time!

Hopefully this foray into dualism theory was adorned with the results you came up with. For my part, I am happy that someone is interested in all the thoughts that arose in my existential crises.

Disclaimer: Please do not take anything too seriously. I am writing this part under the actual content because I only realized afterwards how sexist the following thoughts can be interpreted. On the other hand, it’s just a theory that doesn’t represent my current view of the world. So I don’t want to hide this part of my former thoughts, but I don’t want to add it to the official content:

“Charges can also be related to the sexes, so the female sex is more positively charged because, viewed stereotypically, she represents human beauty, and beauty = good => (+).

Men, on the other hand, represent stereotypically the strength = fight = death = bad => (-).

From a temporal point of view, women are also considered to be living beings that are negatively charged in order to be able to move forward into the future. (see Fig.1). “

Especially nowadays, I want to make it clear that these stereotypes are of course total nonsense, and that discussions can very easily be (re) ignited from exactly these three paragraphs. Therefore I refer again to the philosophical content as recommended discussion material.

Phew, that’s done, then.

So I wish you a wonderful day, and …

Thank you for reading!

P.S .: So many pictures here … (. ) (. )

P.P.S .: These are supposed to be light receptors. So eyes. The emoji, you know?

Oh dear … so many possible misunderstandings in one blog post … The comment section will likely burn! 🙂

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