Just a reminder…

… to remind you of this Blog as a „side-hustle“.

And while I’m not only pretty busy in my main hustle, there’s also the one and other unforeseen development in my private boundaries. Always with a healthy variety between good and bad developments. Even if it’s not always perceived like that…

With that said:


Welcome again to this Blog!

The long wait will soon come to an end.

For those who have awaited the translation of my book, you’ll gladly get the rest of the chapters in the next few days. Hopefully in a row.

… you know what?

I’m going to address this as a challenge to myself!

The next days, this Blog shall rise again to the top of the small hill I once climbed, but then descended in order to fulfill my daily earthly tasks.

(No, I’m not crazy, thank you 0_0 )

But now I am determined once more, to take this side-hustle more serious, and to finally give those, who have actually enjoyed the enjoyable parts of my existential crises, the rest of joy, that they deserve.

My creativity may be a bit undeveloped due to the relatively stressful workdays, but still, I will try my best to shine in my best line of words and outerworldly expressions of being.

Maybe I can even integrate some elements of work into my hobbies, even though that could provoke some disagreements with my superior at work. So let’s see how things develop first!


I hope this little „pseydo-announcement“ was somewhat enjoyable to read, and the length and the content were as worthy as the time you spend seeking knowledge and wisdom in these lines (I should rather say „information“ instead of „wisdom“, since this isn’t really a lecture but more of a news article, but hey, in both we can find all sorts of muddled thoughts).

But maintaining the contacts I have with other bloggers should be more important. It is namely those people who enrich the Internet with all the more important thoughts and even more intelligent approaches, expressions and design of the websites to the absolute positive. Thank you all for that, and hopefully, we’ll write again soon!

So, I guess I got work to do now.

I hope again, that you will have a wonderful day, stay curious, and…

Thank you so much for Reading!

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Eigentlich bin ich manchmal ganz nett. Sometimes I may actually be nice.

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