With this article I would like to refer to the current situation in Afghanistan. I wish all people who are currently worried for their lives so much luck, confidence, and above all: Hope that they will find their way out of this situation safely.

The best I can provide at the moment, are these little posts, and a lot of good wishes. And even though it doesn’t help much, I just hope that other people who are reading this, will also be reminded of the „what-if-it-would-be-me“-scenario, that can always happen to anyone, so they can wish and send all of the good luck with me, to all the people who need it.

War is never nice, especially when you have landed in the middle of horror and experience it up close.

Others, like you, heard about it through the media some time ago. But now you are here.

Whatever happens, anyone or anything dies. Any of your actions could be the last, no matter how good or badly meant.

Even in your childhood you did not understand the children in your class who played war or who seemed mean for no reason. On the other hand, if you would have had a peaceful childhood, know there were worse, much worse classes than the ones you went to. Classes in which there was baseless hatred, classes in which the word „friend“ was simply the meaning of a mean for a cruel purpose of gaining power and influence.

Violence is a strange thing. Like everything in this strange universe.

If we humans weren’t here and the animals let their animal life live, then maybe even human gestures and novel-like actions would take place, yes, all of that, even if we weren’t here. It would just probably not come up with the idea of ​​filming it and making money with it, trading it economically. Only we primates are allowed to do this, we have the necessary synapses for it.

Although, the word “may” is only a human invention. Right, law, good and bad, we had to forcibly build up all of this in order to be human. So without all of that, we wouldn’t be human. Just as primates wouldn’t be primates if they weren’t constantly climbing from tree to tree with their banana in hand.

We would also not wage wars with incredibly huge mousetraps, the mice would not use them to war against each other. Accordingly, the animals to be hunted would die and those who hunted them would have a full stomach and would be happy and satisfied for the moment. Some may now assume that there would never be an imbalance if everything started with optimal conditions.

And that could actually be the case. But if a population (let’s say: Aries) no longer reproduces by some coincidence or no longer wants to be satisfied, the entire system would be out of balance.

And woe to all those who reject and ignore the one guy with the strangest ideas and suggestions without any clever justification:

Biology has already shown several times that even a person with an excellent immune system, regular exercise, a healthy, balanced diet and other stabilizing factors can get cancer by pure coincidence.

Let all the Aries be just crazy at a certain point in time, because their synapses, their nervous system do not work properly, because of any random reason.

It lets them do any sh*t, whether this is good or bad, it doesn’t matter.

It is irrelevant whether it can already be scientifically explained or not.

But what is not irrelevant, that is, that we do not know.

After all, exactly the same applies to us: If a person does something that nobody would have expected of him or her, for example a mistake in playing a wrong note on a piano piece, it is most likely to be scientifically deduced in retrospect, but not foreseen.

What goes on in our brain, and why, is all based on the same principle as the concept of the universe:

Stochastics. Coincidence and logic. Everything can be explained by mathematics, biology, chemistry, and physics, but why does it all exist? Well, because of coincidence.

Also a component of math, right. We came into this vessel by accident, by an even greater accident, we also survived. By chance, the biology arose that told us that we like warmth, that we like food, that we like the opposite sex, that we like other stimulations, for example through other people, other places, or new activities. By chance, a certain amount of energy arose, which is now constantly jumping around through space, also baptized by people with the name „entropy“. So, through these coincidences, we developed interests. And if there are several parties with interests, be they the same or different, the primitive brain that emerged by chance now says: “War!”.

The human brain was created by chance, but has learned through logic to say:

„Eh, our biology tells us to survive, so let’s do that …

Oh, there is someone else, even of our species, who is exactly want the same thing as I …

Hm, how do other animals do it …

Yeah, looks like they are looking after each other, the ants, the birds, the primates seem to support each other. Then let’s do that too …

Oh wait, I hear something …

Biology even tells us to be better than other animal species in order to increase the likelihood of survival. Hm, interesting. So is that something like ambition then?

Well, then let’s let our species survive … “

Bam, economy. Boom, economic growth.

Tragically, it also triggered wars alongside the growth.

For whatever reason. Theories say that it is in humans to fight this desire. It came through evolution. In other words:


While a lot of us aren’t hit or threatend physically, some are mentally endangered. For those, I also wish all the best, and want to remind you of taking care of yourself and your psyche.

Not all of us have to constantly fear for our lives, so I propose, to live as much as you can right now!

It is the best you can probably do. Not only to reduce the amount of things you would probably regret later on, but also, to help those around you, comforting them, and reminding them of the good side of life.

With that said…

I wish you a wonderful day, stay curious, stay safe…

and keep Hope

Thank you for reading!

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