„Ugh, Spider!“

«Everything will be destroyed. Everything.

We are only hikers and therefore used to having to move frequently.

But we have never seen such a catastrophe.

Where we come from, violence comes first. Uncertainty is inevitable. So why are we amazed by such tremendous destruction? Maybe because it happens without a trace of violence?

Destruction is a consequence of violence. So how can that be? My neighbor is already fleeing, the terrible noise is spreading everywhere.

Huge figures pull a storm with them that sweeps away everything it can. These figures also move slowly, but seemingly unerringly. They hardly pay any attention to me and my neighbor, and it is as if they are just going about their day-to-day work.

Do you even know how much fear we experience right now?

What devastation it leaves in our lives? What uncertainty and anxiety about what might happen next comes us to mind, and what power you creatures have over the world?

What kind of monster can ignore all of this? It can’t be from this world!

… Well, maybe it isn’t?

Perhaps these creatures are not from here either, but from a universe far away.

Or an incredibly identical-looking dimension!

At least they look almost like us, but they have a few fewer arms and legs.


Can you think?

Can think like me? As we, our species?

Can you also think about such alien galaxies? Philosophize as wisely as you can and have as much fun in your life as we do?

But … we are the smartest beings in our universe, right?

We have our automatic supply and professional storage of the food, a huge network with each other, as well as accommodations of the highest comfort.

Well, we can’t keep up with the climate everywhere yet, but what kind of crazy creature could do that, huh?

Do these strange characters have anything like that? Pah, hardly!

It is probably pure coincidence that they exist at all …

Pure coincidence that, like us, they want to survive….

But they don’t have to scare us so much for that! Don’t destroy everything just because they’re bored!

Wait a minute …

Maybe this is for some higher, important purpose? An agreement that only describes life itself and nothing else….

Wouldn’t death then also be part of life? Oh, these creatures must know that!

I wish you could go into our world, talk to us, try to understand us …

I mean, maybe they don’t know anything about our existence, but would appreciate us very much if we got to know each other!

Then they would certainly no longer be so mean to us, and would cease to set us new riddles and mysteries in the world, which we must try to solve like stupid….

Although, actually- »

Just then, the small, insignificant spider was sucked in by the vacuum cleaner.

Jimmie, who was actually very careful, and looked out for spiders (or other small animals), apologized briefly with a quiet: „… sorry, Spidey … “

He had now finished cleaning the house.

Then his very young stepbrother Mike came running from the living room and wanted to tell Jimmie about his latest theories.

He’s very smart for his age and just watched the news.

However, Mike has a strange hobby. Like every time, Mike talked about conspiracy theories.

The aliens are said to have caused the latest natural disasters reported on every TV channel.

«Everything was destroyed. Everything ! » , shouted Mike. «It could only have been aliens! Do you think they actually know how much damage they are doing to us? ».

Jimmie shook his head. And then suddenly stopped.

He thought of destruction without violence. And a creation without good nature and intend.

„Everything will be destroyed …“ he muttered.

This thought did not let go of him for the day.

And for a moment he knew how the spider felt now.


I hope again, that you liked that little switch of perspective.

If you haven’t already, I highly recommend to read the whole story again, but this time keep in mind, that the spider actually thinks, that we are some kind of aliens with outer-worldly superpowers, while we are actually just as might- and powerless, when it comes to the question of the meaning of life.

Sure, we do have concepts for that. Now imagine us humans, looking up to these aliens, who allegedly made those corn-field symbols to message us the meaning of life or any other strange message. Maybe they just went through the universe with some kind of vacuum-cleaner, not even bothering us little creatures, because they’ve already seen thousands of us.

Do some Spiders know, that they are not the only spiders? Could they even imagine, being so wide-spread in the world, in „the universe“ that they wouldn’t feel so special anymore, differently than if they would have lived their life, without meeting any other spider of their kind?

Everything is a system in itself, we just now have to find out a pattern, and maybe, just maybe, we’ll stumble upon some knowledge which lets us rise to the next level, knowing, that there will come creatures after us, who stumble upon the same damn quest of seeking this pattern. What for? Probably nothing.

Or maybe it is just one element of a „thought-plan“, we have to believe in every single time in humanity, like: „First, you have to believe in many many gods, than, afterwards you only believe in one god, fight wars because of it, than some of you only believe in some stupid guy with a mustache and bad oily hair, some other believe in their own guy, and than, after some time, you only believe in nothing, respective: You trust Science with all you heart.“

It may be just a phase, in order to think all the possibilities through, and finally coming to an end at the real sense of life, because we were able to cut out all the believes, that couldn’t have been possible. The Universe may lead us systematically through all the „meanings“ of life, for us, to figure out, what we see as most plausible, and stick to it.

Just a random thought, you know? (° !°)

As alway, I wish you a wonderful wonderful day, stay curious, and…

Thank you for reading!

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