The Logic of Nothingness

Thea was not astonished. Just wasn’t her thing.

She couldn’t enjoy it either. She didn’t understand the concept behind it.

It? Life. Logic.

Illogical things too.

But nobody got that.

And if she didn’t understand something, then she didn’t even try it, and, by far, didn’t like it.

Never. At least, in her opinion.

She wasn’t the only one, at least at her school, who thought that way. And that couldn’t go on forever, she often said to herself.

With such a beautiful, sure, little smile of hope, which often didn’t just flow into her face. She didn’t even understand the light.

And that’s not the only thing. Because no other medium was not as close to her heart as light.

She just didn’t like it.

After all, there wasn’t a reason not to dislike the light. It just didn’t shine. Just like you.

But that wasn’t logical in their world either. This word „not“. Nobody liked that either.

This word has no meaning, but everyone took it seriously and interpreted so much into it. That word that no one could pronounce but everyone understood.

But she didn’t care, because it wasn’t positive, nor is it the result of logic. Pure logic.

Read the whole thing again without the negations . Suddenly you are in a not much better world, in which there is not only positivity and joie de vivre.

But then you will no longer understand Thea, and neither will logic.

Thea was amazed, enjoyed and understood. But it wasn’t.

Not for a long time. If not forever.

The logic.

A bit hard to translate, I tell you that (^^)

Thank you, dear two subscribers, for at least giving me a chance!

I wish you, and every other reader, a beatiful day, stay curious, and…

Thank you for Reading!

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