Internet is Internet, right?

You transfer data to get data, right?

Like in the world of business. Give something and you will get something.

For Daniel that was anything but that. He just gave and asked for nothing, not a bit. That made him popular! Many were happy, delighted in his data, literally devoured every kind of information about his electronic devices, with which Daniel did not know what to do with, but paid the bills for it, and logged in everywhere. His principle:

“If it doesn’t cost me anything, I’ll register, maybe one day it will be useful to me! »

That day came faster than expected, and he became one hundred millionth customer at an online shop, whose notification finally lured him to his cell phone.

“ Congratulations !“ Read the display. «You won! Please click HERE to receive your gift. »

Daniel was not befriended with the idea of thoroughly thinking about it, so he clicked HERE.

Seconds later he was disappointed on the couch, without a cell phone, just staring at the television. He had always preferred the old part, that he paid more for it than he needed, but, it didn’t bother him so much. He didn’t even question the offers of the television providers.

The gift turned out to be a voucher for an audio book. A few days later he won again, namely coupons for e-books. “ What’s all this about ?“, asked Daniel skeptically.

Why should I spend money, for something that doesn’t do me any good? This digital junk is infected with viruses anyway, and only those lazy teenagers who have no manners anymore, who are pumped up with video games and sugar-syrup, buy it. Probably because of their bad manners and unhealthy curiosity … »

The next morning he won again, but never questioned anything for a second, he was just happy to win something for not spending anything, really not a cent. He only gave his contact details, location and name. Wherever he could. But that was just data. Nothing tangible.

Nothing that one could build on, that could be relied upon and that could therefore ever be dangerous. Right ?

Knowledge and data is only that side-thingy which arises from reality. Not the other way around. Isn’t it?

Isn’t that how it works HERE? In this world? Right?

If not, how should Daniel know?

It’s not as if he can control and know more than he thinks. After all, he is realistic, and grown up, and only has his perspectives, which are of course correct. He knows the answers to all questions. And if someone is smarter than him, then he can’t help it! That’s why he doesn’t ask any more.

Oh well. Daniel, let me give you advice: It’s like business. If you got something, you had to give something for it.

Daniel presses HERE and the screen read: “Congratulations, everytH?!ing you ever wanted is now yours. But wA!tch out for your data more in the futurE? (we also H!ave instR?uctions for this, but it costs A! lot of monE?y), okay? Your presents are already at your door! »

Daniel had something in him that was holding him back, but that something was apparently too weak. He was far too inferior to the enormous curiosity that wanted so badly to know what behind his door was. There was a knock at almost the same time.

He opened it. Yes, his mind has never been more open. So fulfilled. From repentance and regrets. So full of this non-existent data.

From HERE. And now.

Internet is Internet. Let’s that be a lesson. The world is glad you read this.

It was quite hard to convert certain elements from the german version, so please, if something doesn’t make any sense to you, feel free to share your first interpretations with me! I might give you insights of my original idea, then.

For free, by the way! 😉

I wish you a wonderful day, stay curious, and …

Thank you for reading!

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