One Sunday evening she noticed that he was no longer there.

Johnny is just no longer in bed with her, where he used to be. The smell of his yellowed cigarette was still in the air, and for that moment it seemed to her, that that smell had made up much of his existence.

But he was gone, no doubt. His body was gone.

The cigarette lay burned out in the glass container on the bedside table. The candle that lit the picture next to it of the problematic marriage, including mother-in-law and unhappy father-in-law, reminded Jody of everything that could have gone better.

There was an old newspaper under the bed with the headline “Exclamation for a Coal and Steel Agreement. »

Oh, how much they both loved to live during this period of reconstruction. This time seemed to be a rebuilding for everything, even the neighbor next door looked up and found his cat again after 2 long years.

Jody wished she could easily find Johnny again. But she didn’t want that. She said it would be nice if he wasn’t so stubborn. Her real desires, however, were a mystery to the world out there, because she did nothing.

Days passed.

Months passed. Years passed.

The newspaper under the bed kept the same date as it had all those long years ago.

Jody was still in bed as always, even after all these long years. Her skeleton was already so white back then, not as yellowed as the newspaper or the cigarette. It still smelled of tobacco, but now there was a little dust too.

She was still waiting for Johnny to come back. She did nothing but hoped.

And after all, that was all she could ever have done and what she could ever do. Even her corpse was okay with it when Johnny killed her in bed and then just left her there.

The latest edition of the newspaper even reported Johnny’s actions, but not her death.

After all, under the bed was still the old edition of the „Exclamation for a Coal and Steel Agreement“.

So how should she know? Besides, she hasn’t done anything great, why should she suddenly appear in a newspaper?

She wasn’t famous or anything. As a child, she always wanted to be. She wanted to be a strong, independent, well-read woman who didn’t need a man to be happy.

But she didn’t make it. That wouldn’t be realistic.

Everyone around her said that. So it had to be true.

Would she just read today’s newspaper. Just like Jane does. There are a lot more things in it than before.

For example, that the world is falling apart, there are protests, people have their own thoughts, and even believe they are right. Everyone says that about themselves. But nobody knows anymore whether that is true.

A call to self-reflection. A call for isolation.

Constructive. Reconstruction.

A call to sleep on a Sunday evening.

Hey, this call is for you.

Dream to build something, to create something. Your first attempt of free will is your very own, personal path.

So do something and don’t turn yellow like the newspaper does.

I wish you a wonderful day, stay curious, and …

Thank you for reading!

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Eigentlich bin ich manchmal ganz nett. Sometimes I may actually be nice.

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