Creating, but not showing…

Right now, I AM writing, I AM thinking about stuff, that I want to upload here. But I’m just not doing it.

Since I think I’m stressing myself too much, but at the same time, not wanting to quit, I decide to take a lil‘ break.

But not from work. I’ve just got TONS of thoughts and literal overloads in things like videos and images I’ve been creating for my second book.

Now some may ask: „…so? Just show us already? You’re overthinking it!“

Here’s the thing…

It would be too messy to even understand ONE image. Or ONE line of thought in my articles.

If you don’t know me, my thoughts, and inner antagonist, who’s always giving me new anxiety, by asking exorbitantly desolate, and often diametrically opposed questions…

…than you’d probably just leave, thinking it was an unremarkable thought, with no real meaning or depth.

I think we can all agree, that nobody wants that to happen during their time. Off- and Online.

So: I’ve got to bring things in order first. That could take a while, since the world of thoughts and styles of work may differ drastically, from person to person.

As you may have noticed, I’m always writing little „announcements“ or „plan“ for the future of this blog, even though it’s not even found by google, if you’d type in my name in the search bar and hit enter.

But my inner dialogue in these situations is always: „Do people want to know, wether you failed to stick to your own set bar, of uploading every saturday, or do they don’t, because nobody cares anyways?“

I reply to myself: „Prolly both? But I need to let them know, otherwise, the fortress of existence, I build with my thoughts and questions alone, will fall. May it be as small as it is, but this is a world, with stuff for potential new thinkers of the future. So I can’t let them hang, wether I like to or not.“

Maybe this would be a good advice for other bloggers or even creators in general out there:

Do not let the people hang, who enjoyed your creation. Those are namely the people, who let their seemingly good taste and noble values in their pursuit of artistic satisfaction in the internet endangerd, by looking at a creation, that they don’t know nothing about itself, or it’s giver. And if these noble values were fulfilled, or at least the post was worthy of good manner (saying nothing, giving a like), than they’d just gave you the most precious thing, everyone can give: Their time of enjoyment.

It’s the same as leaving the house: You should at least say where you’re headed, than all the others know, that you’ll eventually come back. You may not have to, if you don’t like them. But it is often likely, that one day, at least one person in the household, will miss you. And perhaps always liked you, but never showed it.

I wish you a wonderful, wonderful day, stay curious, and patient, and…

Thank you for reading!

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Eigentlich bin ich manchmal ganz nett. Sometimes I may actually be nice.

Ein Kommentar zu “Creating, but not showing…

  1. I had noticed that you were absent.
    It can be frustrating at times to have too many ideas floating around as it makes it difficult to order your thoughts and not end up writing something less than you intended.
    I wrote the lyrics to a rap song just for fun and to tease my teenage son as I decide on finishing „Words are weapons“ or „This inconvenient truth“.

    Looking forward to your next essay!

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