Structure for Essays

I’m going to do some crazy stuff.

More like « crazy » in the sense of « not normaly put on the internet, openly letting others critizise you with possible outcomes for mental diseases.

Where was I … ? Oh yeah : ESSAYS

That’s the crazy stuff.

The structure for this looks somehow like running straight through a garden of questions. Multiple times. From different directions.

First of all : W h a t

I’m going to explain the most useful things so that you can comprehend what e.g. theory or assumption or even other works and books I analyze in the post, what lead me to it, and on which points I highly put interest on.

Than a good argument

Than a bad argument

Than a veRY GOOD Argument

Than again, a very bad argument

leading to constructive criticism, and the purpose of this theory posing for our survival.

I will give it my best. At the end, the « good » points, so the reasoning behind its worth of writing an essay over the theory, always gives a lasting positive view on the world of intellectual combat fought by oneself.

Then again, if it has got nothing to do with survival or any kind of usefulness, only existing to bring some never reproducable chemicals in our brains, making it harder to think focused, then yeah, I will give you the reason why I chose to analyze poison.

Good poison, don’t get me wrong. Everything is dangerous, as soon as you consume too much of it.

Finalizing with an outlook on what comes next and when, I guess my structure of an Essay should be as mentally thrilling to read as the structure – you just read – itself.

Make your own picture, but cease to create fantasy worlds with unjustified prejudices. Just read one essay you intuitively happen to choose and you will get the point. And more impotantly : A justified opinion.

I wish you, as always, a beautiful day, stay curios, and…

Thank you for reading !


Didn’t care for mistakes here either, gotta make some pressure for those who want to correct them 😛
…so I finally got someone to argue with, please ^-^

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