Whatcha gonna read here, huh ?

Well, same question here.


Coming straight to the point:

We’ve got some texts to analyze.

Nothing boring, I wrote it 😉

So these are going to be own theories and (hopefully) collectibles for a new book, with more pages and content (or longer-lasting and more important) content.

Short stories are going to be transformed into long stories, hopefully spanning over at least a year.

Such as :

  • Sophie and Phil, figuring out what everyone should do right now
  • The family of the hunt, figuring out how to have a long lasting positive impact on human development regarding their physical health, social stability of civilization and lastly : Progress in an effective, conscious matter
  • All the other short stories, bond together with their wisdom, all meeting in the universe of three kids, and two criminals, who are literally trapped in time, living through hell of every life ever existed – experiencing heaven at least twice a life.

Whenever I can, I WILL actively write essays about a whole channel on youtube, or blog on wordpress. Like personal advising and summaries, experiencing artists and „theoretical artists“ as I shall continue to call them from now on, boldly.

Summarized: T E X T Sss

Secondly, we’ve got Philosophers.

And other great guys gathered from all history. Of course, excusively the greatest of all, like Aristotle, Déscartes, Jaspers, Kant, Morus, just to name a few.

Another project of mine would be the german langage with its unique idiomatic idioms.

I’d just love to analyze it at least once in my lifetime. So why not doing it together ? ^^

At the end of visible projects, I’ve got panel paintings, literally painted on my blackboard, which actually reveals a lot about my personality right now (or at least the development I went through)

making it two series’ : « Finding Identity » and « Finding a passion »

The latter is actually a variety of saying : « finding something to distract yourself quite effectively from your meaninglesness in existence, only to make yourself productive and useful for society, guiding other suffering sacks of meat « linearly and progressively moving itself in which consequently all its points run through parallel paths in the same direction » on this organic spaceship to something they think it is worth doing that. Reproducing and repeating this process over and over.”

But yeah, finding your passion actually might be quite entertaining. Just be obsessive over it, you can kill time much faster that way.

Cheers, Exurb1a, you diseased my brain with this analogy. “With the sack of meats and the organic spaceship”

Than: Something new. I’d like to try a Music-Blog, trying out to play some pieces on my instrument, and the best resulty cought on tape, I intend to publish here (maybe in the section “Videos” or making a whole new section for it, idk (I don’t know) yet).

Call me motivated. But me, myself I’m quite happy to have some work, seeing all my important ideas listed all here. Most projects are debuting in the next year, some even in the year after 2022.

Can’t wait for 2024 (´O`)


I wish y’all a wonderful day, stay curious, and…

Thank’ya for readingg!

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