Step 1: Thesis

I had a pretty entertaining thought today. If I’m done with telling you, I will prepare myself to be as active as ever on this blog, for the entire next year.

Let’s begin!

Everything is a loop.

A loop of questions, always trying to figure out, how life can be so simple and complicated at the same time. Even the question of dualism, while posing a normal either/or question can be highly doubted on the very first spot, trying to summarize the whole life.

Some may try it, because of a vicious cycle with two variables: A reason, and a consequence leading to that reason. E.g. Because they are scared of existence. And therefore ask questions, which only lead to Nietzsche, Plato and Nihilism (Philosophy in general), which makes them normally even more scared of existence as a direct consequence.

But the very first sentence of this thesis, is not only a spoken word, but a challenge in my eyes.

When everything is a loop, then how comes that there are changes?

How comes that, of all rationality from the universe, we never seem to have another seemingly big endeavour, other than ourselves? Isn’t rationality one of the main reasons for competition? Because of the obvious reason: One has to lose, so the other can win? Pure maths?

Okay, too many questions for the moment.

Let’s just focus on:

Photo by on


Then we’re calm again.


It worked.

Now back to the thesis:

…which has just made itself into this post. Everything is the circulation between the mental state of having thoughts of questioning deeds and the mental state of calmness and satisfaction.

That was just the prove, wasn’t it? And the consequence was exactly the thing we were just focusing on: Growing this post, into a beautiful garden of thoughts, underlining massive inception, leaving nothing but confused readers, who will soon forget completely about this post, reentering the state from before reading it…

But wasn’t that the intention? We know now. We changed something.

And if I now conclude this writing with: „…and therefore I broke the loop, by concluding, and achieving a goal, having made progress solely through mental efforts“ I only land in agreeness with the aforementioned thesis, making it completely irrelevant, to even having wrote and read this all.

…Or not? Maybe because of time and change, and because of our human irrationality, unconsciously and silently opposing the universal rationality, we always have different answers possible, as long they only affect humanity in some way. Like this post, having an (hopefully not all too disturbing) effect on the reader, leading to at least something else in this world.

„Why do we need a conclusion?“ is the title of a future post.

Until then!

I wish you a wonderful day, stay curious, and…

Thank you for reading!

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