Step 2: …what?

Every Thesis needs an Anti-Thesis

As you’ve hopefully read in my post about structures of essays, now comes the part with two supporting, and two opposing point of views, which finally let us judge if this theory or thought deserves being called « philosophically valuable for our survival ».

… well that’d be actually the plan.

But no one’s here to read borin’ n’old, essays, dontcha agree?

I’ve got no idea why I’m into this highly unprofessional sounding style of language, it’s just too funky.

However, your time may not be sold freely by clicking on this post, as you may think, because you probably did prepare yourself mentally to read something you’d expect.

I am now delivering the Anti-Thesis to the Thesis above : « If someone’s not interested in a debate, then one can shoot out as many theses as he may like, but that ain’t productive in any ways. »

And productivity is the only meaning in life. At least for a lot of people, because whatever they may be working for, it is just produced by their own efforts and their own sweat.

« It’s only worth it if you work for it »

Some good motivational stuff

With that link to some good music, I’m leaving you for now.

I wish a wonderful lil’ day you still got there, stay curious, and of course…

Thank you for reading !

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