Chess: Pawns, King, Freedom

You are often surrounded with people who are stupid, nevertheless, they do something for you.

These are your Pawns.

You have things to value. This is your king.

You have to protect this whether you want to or not.

The Knight is like a good debater. When he says something, he can always interpret it differently when looking at it from a different angle. Or just jump back.

What he said doesn’t have to be meant seriously.

But one also knows the „sniper“. The somehow aggressive, but cautious, well-arguing, independent thinker who does not like to get involved in direct confrontations, but rather acts on an economic basis and gets opponents out of the way.

But you often don’t see his attacks coming. And when you do, they are very obvious. In conjunction with the Queen, the strongest that anyone has to offer, it is just a plan, along with the necessary financial support, that brings about success in life.

If the conditions are fulfilled and the opponent, i.e. the universe or life, is not paying attention, this one person will also succeed in achieving his goal.

The aim of the game is therefore to deprive the king of all liberties, because whoever is not free is equally to be seen as someone sentenced dead.

So whoever learns to „do what he wants“ should not necessarily check his current emotional state for lack of stimulants and initiate its renewals, but rather be based on the emotional state in the future, which, for every person, is the feeling of freedom. So to do what you want.

In order to achieve this, the necessary efforts must now come to light. Because the future is the product of activities carried out in the immediate present. If you fail to do what is necessary now, you have lost the future.

And the future is a far bigger part of life than the here and now.

„But right now I AM free!“

Free of reason, as it seems. Because this short-term satisfaction is not paid for the price of future restrictions, it is simply not economical. Every Homo Oeconomicus would also, full of indignation, serve up the fact that you are not „free“ even now. In spite of all your efforts, during your life you are dependent on other people, their cerebral fantasies and laws, as well as (also their, but primarily your personal) idealized ideas of yourself. And the money that you get for showing this, yes, almost theatrical performance.

I wish you a wonderful day, stay ‘curious, and …

Thank you for reading!

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