Chess: The Rook and the Queen

The tower is pure power.

It doesn’t have to come out straight away.

Only when the right time has come, can physical strength enable a triumphant victory.

The enemy may not know anything about it, but can guess it through the muscles of every person’s arm, but ignore it, like the guards at every castle site.

They are easy. Two strikes that, if tactically positioned, can inflict tremendous damage that can ultimately lead to the opponent’s death.

The queen can also be perceived as a parent or even an active part of the consciousness. You started out as a Pawn, like all of your officers, but you’ve worked your way up, and your reputation and abilities are known and feared across the field. Respect is your middle name, and your hard work certainly isn’t easy to throw away.

But if you are not careful and let your reputation get too much out of hand, you will lose the most important tool that you had left to offer. But do not be afraid to die for the things you live in awareness or to be ready to sacrifice. The things that are your king must be kept safe for all eternity and beyond.

If you die, the game continues. Life wants it that way.

So your friends, whether they are real, with an emotional bond or not, are the rest of the comrades who try to protect your most precious, yes, a thing with utmost importance!

Nobody fights for anything but their own survival. So all figures on your playing field are either geared towards the survival of all figures, or only towards the survival of your own attitude.

Wish you a wonderful day, stay curious, and…

Thank you for reading!

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