Chess: Foolishness of Pawns

Either way: There is truth in these two statements, which can even be interpreted politically.

Which suggests that the king on both sides embodies the truth that every soldier claims to defend himself.

The Pawn, however, is unsurpassed when it comes to clumsiness, despite the sometimes surprising abilities they can call their own that luckily came to bear. Not only can he not see that he is fighting for the truth all the time, he doesn’t even know it. After all, he can’t even run back and see.

(Also: He has to get very close to see anything at all. Preparations should have been made long ago, but no, the sensory Pawn only notices something in terms of timely issues when it’s too late. And this leads to a kind of midlife crisis, because at the center, without good preparation or targeted sacrifices and adaptation of certain habits, nobody can make any progress. You and others cannot make any changes in their lives, and you will remain stubborn, possibly until the end of your life, in a situation with no perspective that could have long been resolved through a simple change of perspective or good preparation and a little hard work. Often, however, the family perspective is needed so that this problem can be solved, for example through the form of motivation or support for mental health. Or you’re lucky, and a wealthy institution actually sees a lot of potential in this apparently worthless piece and supports it financially. Or pure power from outside can intervene, if even politicians or clever friends.)

And even the opponents and challenges in front of him don’t seem to interest him.

Otherwise he wouldn’t just stand there like all the other Pawns who have also done quite nothing to stand somewhere else.

However, they are not just at the beginning. They are no longer children!

No no. They are extremely adult people who are sure to see reality in its full glory.

So they are up one level.


Because the beginning was childlike thinking.

The „adult“ thinking is the second level as it progresses.

If you have progressed to the end, you begin to think childlike again.

And as a result, you may successfully be: An officer.

“But let’s just stay in the here and now, this doodling from just now was a complete chaos, which could have come from a six-year-old. Total nonsense! Even SO unrealistic … Where were we? God, I always have to worry so much about details that I often completely forget to get to the point in terms of content and talk so much about the bush without actually knowing what I’m talking about. And when I think it’s embarrassing, I start to ask in my group of friends of mentally horizontal like-minded people whether they felt the same, and then I start giggling in an ashamed way, so that I can (hopefully) feel normal again and expect socially conform looks from most (if not all) people.

Where was I? Oh yes:

So in their, for them, very large field that needs to be cultivated, they are a long time.

Every new question, every new day seems to be an effort and agony arises with it.

But why change the perspective? I couldn’t do that at all!

The officers behind me are all gifted anyway, and were born that way! “

Conclusion: So the Pawns only live their life to die. And they are ashamed of it, too.

Wonderful-puffy day to you, stay curious, and…

Thank you for reading!

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Eigentlich bin ich manchmal ganz nett. Sometimes I may actually be nice.

7 Kommentare zu „Chess: Foolishness of Pawns

    1. Thank you for the flowers!
      I even find games like chess or Go! were born simply because some powerful people saw the world and its people in a certain way. The living conditions that anyone has to encounter can also be compared very well with any strategic board game. While „The Game of Life“ board game is more likely to be a sole matter of luck, we actually make a remarkable difference by making choices. That’s why I love strategical-thinking-games!
      Do you play any board games with your son? Which are your favorites, if I may ask?
      Philo. Greetings,

      Gefällt mir

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