We have already talked about projects.

But now there should also be a certain general overview of the possibilities that are open to everyone.

Since I am of course not (yet) an expert in knowledge of human nature and overall social possibilities and their effects, I may try my best to let the readers of my blog create an image of the world and mankind itself that is as objective as possible, provided they all take the effort, to adapt to the curiosity of a Childlike child (childlike ~ curious; childish ~ annoying).

To do this, I have the following topics in mind:

  • MyersBriggs Personality Type Test
  • My theories, blackboard paintings and other important publications on social media from me
  • Probably the most important theory: the progress model
  • The second most important theory: The unwritten laws
  • Comparison with the theories of work and the division of work that I learned in my upper-level English class (This is but the keyword for myself so that I don’t forget it later …)

Theories lead to: … everyone strives for power, and has to work on it by themselves partially AND let others do the work for them

Which leads to the next part →

  • „48 Laws of Power“ by the American writer Robert Greene
  • Sun Tzu’s „Art of War“. He was a Chinese general, military strategist and philosopher.
  • „If I had known that earlier!“ By German actress, presenter, voice actress, comedian, web video producer (YouTuber) and author: Joyce Ilg and German YouTuber: Chris Halb12
  • “Brief Answers to Big Questions” by Stephen Hawking, the well-known British theoretical physicist and astrophysicist.
  • Other books, such as Transaction Analysis and its view of the world and people
  • Other typological fields of application (type tests such as socionics, the Enneagram, the distinction between Myers-Briggs and the four letter tests, and the fatal damage they can cause in a lifetime if the difference to MBTI and Carl Jung’s theory is not clear .)
  • How the functions of MyersBriggs can be applied to almost anything, and how a psychological machine, this book, and a space station will move humanity forward.
  • People’s motivations

(Short version of the last point: Everyone wants to be special, i.e. to find something else, besides survival, with which they can live. The idea is that you should survive so long and so well that you are special. Because no regular Pawn tries to do it these days on their own.)

That is why the world is what it is. You should determine how it will be in the future.

And beyond.


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