„Only the sheer opposite gives something value.“

Survival is the main reason why we still have purpose in this life, I think.
Because: We are based off these packs of animals, these „natural“ hierarchies. We still think in these ways as we look at our society, our politics and our debates. If we would have evolved that far as a species, so that everyone is nice to each other, rather let the other one go further then oneself and bascially embodies altruism in it’s fullest and the most idealistic, then we would all experience hell over time.

Think of Adam Smith’s Economical Concept of the „invisible hand“.

It has mainly one condition: Everyone thinks of themselves first, others come second.
„I have spotted an offer better than all the others. I want it first!
Maybe my family gets some advantage from it too, then I’d have a reason, and a reason is the best way to get accordance of other people…
…Nah, I’ll just buy it for myself.“
Speaking of animalistic, right?

The invisible hand is an economic concept that describes the unintended greater social benefits and public good brought about by individuals acting in their own self-interests. […]

While this concept of „black-friday-sales“ sounds strangely primitive, it is the fundamental part of a modern, truely altruistic society. Whereas we may not forget to consider the contrast and dualism only makes the world truely existing. In other words:

Only the sheer opposite gives something value.“

While we were raised in peace, we play a game to simulate war and compete for the rest of our lives. While we were raised in war, we’d yen to live in peace and to just rest.

If we wouldn’t think of ourselves first, we couldn’t help other people. (Since in the opposite scenario, you wouldn’t like to let others help you, but rather help someone else. So at the end, no one helps anyone. If no one helps others, everyone in this scenario ceases to exist. We only live in the one world, where the concept of helping and kindness exists, because all the other worlds with helping and kindness didn’t work)

I dare to let someone speak out the words: „Physics is useless“ one more time. I dare you.

Quantum Physics is responsible for everything in our very existence.

If we wouldn’t know darkness, we wouldn’t like to live with so much light around. (Until late at night, working on some projects…)

If there wouldn’t be death, survival would be meaningless.

(So survival is the only meaningful thing, somehow. After you survived and reached the goal of safety, you go explore the world and try to make out another meaning, but those who walk the right path, with the right direction and velocity (I could make a physics-pun here, but it time-traveled) will soon recognize that the base of all exploring is the main thing. And if you mastered existence that good, you may even be able to help others exist too, or control, if someone exists.

Every child you bring upon the world makes you control a big big imaginary life counter, which works in real-time, and you are part of those, who lift it up. It will go up, until reaching the maximum of people there should exist. That is our High-Score in the Video Game of life.

We gain bonus points, by making people happy)

That applies to everything, therefore, we can now assume to know why the world exists:
If the void, the zero, the nothingness, the nirvana, truely does not exist, or only is an illusion that it exists, we must know, that there is something that exists.

(Other way around, so you can follow the current path of thoughts: If we exist, then there has to be something, that does not exist according to the law I set up above. Since we only know that we exist)
But wait! If this is true, then why do we think of death? Death is also like the void, as I’ve shown in the life-death-diagram:

Life-Death-Diagram, something I discovered while I was stressed by school

Bedürfnisbefriedigung = Satisfaction

[sorry, forgot to translate that in the image]

I could now set up more weird thoughts, but that would only lead to the following:

Everything has to have meaning, everything has a reason.

At least that is, what most people think and experience.

We have to think of something, and if something exists, it is only logical to think of the origins.

We have ape brain. We smart.

In certain ways, yes, but existentially seen, we aren’t able to think of nothing. If we think of nothing, we just, kinda, feel.

And that is, where feeling, the true meaning of life, should come forth in your body, and rise and shine in all glory.

I hope you learned something new.

This post is already the second one I wrote because of a response I intended to write to my bud on wordpress:

Go check out his work, his intellect is sharper then his vocabulary is scrabbled ^^

The first post I wrote by an inspiration of him:

With this, I hope you find the answer of what to do next.

I wish you a wonderful day, stay curious, and…

Thank you for reading!

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