Okay, new plan

Until now I wrote a big part my thoughts down immediatly after I thought them. And an even bigger part was spelled on german, my mother tongue.

The more someone publishes something, the more viewers should notice the activity around that person, so they start getting curious and – click!.

But mysteriously I continue to write and publish, but the number of viewers is decreasing!

It might sound crazy, but I assume that a lot of people around the world never intentionally outspoke even a word of the german language in their lifetime (Duh, what an insight…). Thus, making it a pain for all readers, who sincerely wait for something to enlight them, and this thing exists, but it is formulated in something not so „light“.

That must hurt.

So: I decided to give you english content only in the future! Woohoo!

But Why?

Those who want the german articles will suffer through this too, y’know?

Yes. I know.

The solution I see for this problem is simple: Someone has to wait.

Or pay.

(Actually both, if you only decide to wait. Like literally, the time you wait is also payment.)

So within the next few weeks, I will proceed to set an exclusive content barrier in front of all my german texts. Details come later, but the plan for english content would be a day or two making the german content, and then, translating it to english. Those who pay may also be able to see the translated content too, but like I said, details come later.

That is what this blog is for. Keeping you up to date AND giving you the opportunity to learn everything you thought you’ve mastered already about dealing with existence.

Living on means asking which means improvement. The more you live, the more you automatically improve.

Next post is about WHAT you improve during you lifetime.

Until then! Cheers!

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Eigentlich bin ich manchmal ganz nett. Sometimes I may actually be nice.

3 Kommentare zu „Okay, new plan

    1. I’d love to.
      It would be the way as I’ve done it earlier: Post the same thing the same day but in two languages.
      The problem I encounter is merely )))time(((
      The translating process is always done by me by „hand“ so I try to find the words and expressions in english and write them down as I think it might be correct. Rarely even with a whole dictionary, just to find one cool additional thing to say.
      Google Translate is the side-kick on this mission, since it may translate great and all, but is nearly always missing out on details or creates easy to misinterpretate expressions which were not at all meant to be written.
      Thinking (Working on the blog) and „Not-Thinking“ isn’t even the question here anymore. It’s about when to get it published correctly, without getting the audience confused or enraged by the slightest thing.

      Gefällt mir

      1. Maybe hit it in ‚translate then copy to a word document and then a quick proof to sort out errors.

        With the ‚one cool thing to say‘ part. I usedd to be like that and would get twisted in knots over finding that one thing. Then I learnt to just start writing and sometimes ideas flow from there and all of a sudden there is an essay. Then proffing and editing for the big works and a quick proof for the small stuff.

        I’ve also started to post pictorial stuff that has a message behind it yet still entertaining or amusing. Hence the smoking adverts post as with the weird headlines one.

        Think laterally Philo. Write me an article for the paper from one of the absurd news headlines you see and I’ll put it in the next edition.

        Gefällt mir

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