The „No-Stress“ Article

The first article I published had the advice I needed for a long time right in the first paragraph:

You are not doing this blog to perform under any pressure or to fulfill a promise.

You do it because you have thoughts that aren’t worth just existing in heads.

To my relief, some of my theories have already been confirmed by the many writings of well-known philosophers and anthropologists.

But the most profound: the progress model

is the one I haven’t found anywhere else explicitly yet.

The same applies to the „Unwritten Laws“ or any other serious theory that deals with the fact that some people among us walk around with brilliant ideas and do not know how and whether they should/want to share these thoughts with others, or even align their lives with their thoughts , with a more positive result at the deathbed.

Albert Camus once wrote: „A lot of people don’t realize that some people expend an incredible amount of energy trying to at least be normal.“

If that is not an impulse to think, then there is no impulse to think…


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Eigentlich bin ich manchmal ganz nett. Sometimes I may actually be nice.

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