Against people, with people

The title can also be formulated in a more understandable way:

First comes the struggle of the individual against society, and then the struggle (with) humanity against the world.

First of all, society has to be taken into account. Other people are the basis of power.

At least for us, since we (have to) move in its social realms. In addition, two researchers have again set up a theory, namely the (in german) so-called „power base theory“, which shows the origins of control over other social comrades.

Briefly summarized, it explains power as a consequence of certain qualities that a person brings with them (answers to the following questions):

Do others think you have the right to command them? -> If yes, then you have:

Legitimate power (legitimacy)

Do others expect a gift from you when they do things for you? -> If yes, then you have:

Power through gifts (Reward)

Are others afraid that you will hurt them or take away if they don’t listen to you? -> If yes, then you have:

Power through coercion (coercion)

Do others like you so much that they want to become like you and therefore follow your word and deed? -> If yes, then you have:

Power through identification (Referent)

Do you have situational, valuable knowledge? Yes? Then you have:

Power through Knowledge (Informational) <- probably the most powerful form of power (in my opinion)

Now my thoughts on this:

In the end there is always the promise to fight the universe with society at your back IF you could turn the conflict between yourself and society in your favor, i.e. let the conflicts within society work for you and your goals.

So you fight against yourself in the first phase of life.

First you have to learn to deal with your mind, your body, and all the rest that people left behind before your time. After that, against the (currently existing) society. The most important question your body asks itself then, among others, is: How am I recognized as valuable (capable for the survival of all)? Thus man satisfies the only externally necessary part in order to complete his psychic development*

And finally, in the last phase of life, there is still a struggle with humanity as a comrade-in-arms against the universe, since the environmental conditions are the questions of existence that we have to answer together as a civilized unitary troop of living beings.

I say „colleague“ because other people would have to specialize in something different (!) for which they can then answer all the questions in that area so that others don’t have to worry about those questions anymore. Everyone covers everyone. And everyone survives.

As a result, nothing would stand in the way of humanity becoming greater than the current dimensions suggest as a utopian trend. Through this, the spirit of mankind grows universally.

But how far do we actually have to grow?

There will be more questions, but I’ll leave this one to you! I’m looking forward to your answer!

[Humanity: „How complicated do you want to make the world for us?“ Universe: „YES!“]

This article is quite spontaneous and actually just one more of the countless intellectual additions that I bring into my world view.

I hope it gave someone something to think about!

Have a wonderful day, stay curious and…

Thank you for reading!

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