Blaise Pascal (2/2): The meaning

If there is no meaning, but life exists (in the case of mankind), there is also an authority that can make meaning.

So, second case: The meaning still doesn’t exist, but mankind has made one.

Principles of Existence:

„Whatever you really set out to do, you will achieve.“ + „The path is the goal“ means:

You start doing something by simply believing in a meaning, and you have simply brought about changes by „doing“ (-> whoever has read the earlier chapters knows what that means more precisely 😁) and thereby create meaning. At least in faith.

Because it doesn’t matter whether this „doing something“ goal has been achieved or not: you are successful in the sense of existence, since ultimately the path, the changes and fighting the challenging questions make up life on a large scale. Successful ones are better than those who did nothing and killed themselves.

Whether the former made sense or not loses its value and meaning. This is also the reason why I make some idiotic theses like crazy: It’s better to have done something and written it down than not to have done something and not written it down.

„Any good speech given is better than any better speech never given.“

In addition, a principle of existence is:

„You may think anything you can think“

Believe me or not, I thought I shouldn’t think about certain things in certain situations. Among other things, I thought of this one formula for school class tests, for example, which I could have used but we have never discussed. Or I never remembered discussing them. Which turned out to be wrong at times, so we discussed the formula and I should have used that exact formula, but I didn’t because I couldn’t remember what the formula was that I should have used. A little complicated to explain, sorry.

Short form: I knew the formula but didn’t use it because I couldn’t remember the class. Quite fair when you think about it, right?

Well: Case #3, Man doesn’t believe in meaning, but there is meaning! So the chance for a good life is actually wasted. Why is simple: The perception is too limited and depressed, so that one answer is enough to not take up any further constructive solutions regarding the world view. This makes one think irrationally, or stupid. Or both. Last but not least: Man believes in a meaning, and there is a meaning! That would be too good to be true. To be honest, everyone would have mistrust. At least a bit. It must be said: If we simply cannot realistically imagine an option that is too good, then the same should be expected from an option that is too bad. After all, both are extreme. The probability of both events is also extremely low. As far as we know, the universe only came into being once, which means that with a typical Gaussian curve, it could only „fire“ a single „shot“ to create certain things, such as a meaning. The extreme of how an „actual sense“ would have arisen was therefore very improbable.

But the universe is far from finished! That means: We shoot out many more changes into the world, which ultimately result in the entire Gaussian curve.

Some mentally add: „…yea, that could be!“, but I say „…it will be“ because the existence of the Gaussian curve is proof that they can be found in reality, and also in the big picture.

Not least because it has mathematical roots. From this also follows my soon: „All worlds principle“ theory. And also my “unwritten laws”!

Thank you Pascal for the template! It was really a pleasure working with you!

„We should go eat for fun sometime!“



The source for the facts of Blaise Pascal is only the book:

“Profiles of great thinkers. Exemplary sketches from Socrates to Bloch” by Frieder Lauxmann, publisher: Heidelberger Wegweiser

ISBN-10 ‏ : ‎ 382261386X

ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 978-3822613863

Ok, and my head.

If you buy this book because of me, please note: #NotSponsored

I’m just citing my source.

My website is not (yet?) intended for commercial use.

I wish you a nice day, eat something good, healthy, and it’s best to question what you’re eating and why. (And be especially thankful for a taste!!!) Stay curious and…

Thank you for reading!

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