Man threw snail at car…

…in street row.

That’s one of the amusing headlines you can all see on this post of aussie essays:

It took me a day or two to pick one and write some stuff about the absurdity of things.

While we’re at it: Absurdism is a great thing, don’t you think? (I mean, the picture above is already the absurdest I could find, and its great!)

It is a way of thinking raised by french philosopher, author and journalist:

Albert Camus (1913-1960).

I don’t want to get way tooo far off topic, but it kinda is one and the same subject.

Shortly summarized: Absurdism is existentialism on weed.

Okay, jokes aside.

Absurdism takes the story of Sisyphus, and diagnoses him to be an absurdist hero, since his life purpose is to roll a giant rock up a hill, as a punishment by the gods for the sins he commited on earth.

Everytime he makes a mistake, it rolls down, and he has to recommence this painful task anew, without really seeing an end to this suffering. His hopes for having another option are fastly blown away.

Still, he has this „purpose“, even if it’s just meaningless, constant suffering.

And Camus declares this worldview as a philsophy of living life the fullest, while having the thought of suffering constantly in the back of your head. The possibilities you’d have again, because your courage gathers on tasks you’ve never seen valuable to commit to before, if you’d see through the glasses of absurdism from now on…

You’d be a hero! Just like sisyphus!

But now…

What does all this have to do with the man who threw a snail at a car.


Seriously, that poor snail tho, how dare you, human, to do something to that beautiful little creature with the extremely dangerous looking teeth:

Scroll down and you’ll see a cute picture of a snail being fed.

The caption says that its apparently horrifying, just ignore that.

It’s cute.

The gist of it lies in two things:

Firstly: The absurd task of suffering from the stupidity (of others and of course of ourselves) so much, that we actually kind of enjoy and secondly: The use of animals by mankind, using them as objects.

Please don’t get that wrong, I’m no one who cries because of a snail, but someone who wants to understand what the guy/that woman had going on in their heads while proceeding to grab the snail.

A lot of you may think now: "Duh, nothin' much!"

The person to handle objects with care, could also be fairly enraged to even destroy its own property. Could then a person, constantly enraged, be somewhen that calm, to even create some new public useful tools for society?

(Another post handles the question of why producing tools of all things, don’t worry, we’ll eventually get to that sooner than later)

If one applies, the contrary has to be somewhat true too.

So if there are people to say that this person, doing some absurd stuff, actually didn’t think at all, may be right in viewing the conscious mind. Consciously, they were thinking nithing at all, just letting their emotional, animalistic part taking control of their illusionated reality finalizing in disturbing the objective reality we all have to live in order to communicate and apply the laws of power.

But internally, that much deep in that person, were so many processes, that they had to unconsciously think something, and I can guarantee you, it’s been one mysterious chain of thoughts for sure, concluding to: The absurd!

No matter how much the sisyphus of thought fought (hehe) against the intellectual rock of their internal, very complex systems, which all had their goal of keeping the „real“ person as a sisyphus against the world and other people, all absurd in its entirety.

It worked so hard, for something, that just repeats itself, and never seems to ever stop, being stuck in this vicious cycle of endless emotion-harming occupation.

As soon as realizing that yet again, it decided to give in this one time, and actually let that rock slide down.

There was nothing to fight for in this world, with these people, was there?

That was the exact moment the snail was thrown.

Immediately after that action, internal hard-working intellectual Sisyphus ran down, grabbed the rock, and began anew, forgetting everything what happened just now. Genius minds probably have to have a short memory span, in order to get their head to produce new genius-thingys…

The snail was thrown. It is, indeed, probably dead now.

„Don’t just lose hope yet!“ Sisyphus in Sisyphus thought in himself.

„The work, just began!“

Hope araised


Thank you yet again for reading an article about the beauty of snails ingesting stuff.

I wish you a snaily day, stay curious in any case, and once and for all…

Snails are cute!


That cannot be the end….

It wasn’t the end?

Now I know what I missed!

Ah, Finally.

Why, hello there, never expected you to see you around here!

It’s so deep, I think I digged a bit past hell.


…it should be warm up there, I guess?

If you want to, we can go up again…

Since we’re at our deepest points, we are able to change our deepest character….

So much, that we may never stop searching and rising again!


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