Chess: Power

But what does the king symbolize anyway? He shows what many probably abhor.

In addition to the truth, he shows the emotions in the human world view. You have them, but you can’t use them for anything. You have power, but very limited.

Everyone respects the king, but he hasn’t earned it by his power in the game, but by his power out of the game.

Two emotionally-charged wannabe intellectuals confronting each other on a simplified playground of life, under the illusion of being rational and powerful. The king himself is the one who demands his power and respect from the player. The greatest power is still exercised over the ignorant.

Whereby we would already be at the the Pawns again. Because the power chart for their entire life would look exactly like how her contour line differs from the horizontal piece: Not at all.

With an idealized chessboard including pieces in the basic position, the difference is equal to zero.

Just like their motivation. Like their ambitions and unthought-out solutions. Like their unbearably simple interpretations and incredibly irrational worldview beliefs. The power they have while doing this is equal to zero.

But why is the Queen still not able to jump in an L-shape?

Discipline takes its toll. For whoever tries to trump natural ability and hard work only by hard work will always be inferior to natural ability at some point.

When the knight moves, and so do other pieces, the more work you put into that aspect of your life. The more you do this with just a single character, you’ll just overlook all those spots where you e.g. stop to gain/maintain a strategic advantage, and continue on your way, most likely resulting in their death leads a figure that can be compared to an idea. Inevitable.

At the end of such a fall, you have wasted all your efforts, all your time. Since time is life, you haven’t been alive for half your life. You would have died too.

Which contradicts your eros. You want to keep surviving and do whatever it takes to give this world everything you need to make them leave you alone. To let you play this game as long as you can. It will inevitably come to an end, every player (actually and hopefully) knows that.

If not, make it clear! Have a wonderful day, stay curious and…

Thank you for reading!

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