Shuns beginnings

Shun woke up. What, so late?

It is a day without official work. So weekend.

Actually, he doesn’t feel like writing, because his fingers don’t tickle like they usually do.

So he paints. Graffiti. His personal logo, which he is very proud of.

He usually has a lot of thoughts. But today his mind seems to be empty. His blog usually thrived on never being sure if something existed or not. What is real and what isn’t. And what personality he has now. What preferences, goals, feelings and original ideas he now has. „That reminds me of how it all started. And how it continued. Unfortunately also how it ends. » Because the end, he had the premonition, was now, because he had no more thoughts. only memories Shun’s life began with a movie. This one turned into several films. They all showed moments in Shun’s life. In the films, Shun saw many different scenarios, with lots of color. Once in a desert-like environment, many times in green bushes and jungles, but also in warm comfortable beds, an empty street a mall in the grocery department, a walk in the woods, the morning sun showing runners the way to success, and also a scenario in which he, Shun, jumps from roof to roof, taking seemingly random lives…

Countless other scenarios followed immediately, but too many to describe them all. Among them were indescribable actions. Indefinable gender sitting in a room, and outside of that room hell rages. And the market, with all the happy and stressed people. Life, by day. Or just the day in the life? He was immediately fascinated by complexity. Then came an uncomfortable, blinding light. A baby is born. It immediately grabs the next best thing it finds. A pen ! From the breast pocket of the doctor who assisted at the birth. Suddenly everything passed very quickly. Shun saw feline cats. After that, a strange object that appeared to be an eye with a huge lens, and dreams. Many dreams. Once he had a dream that he landed in the middle of the sea and saw a dorsal fin. The next moment, a heap sautees out of the water, mouth wide open to devour Shun. At that moment he wakes up, bathed in sweat. In another dream, Shun was trapped in a contraption. It was a device for hanging laundry. Waking up panicking on the inside but mute on the outside, he recognizes this precise object at the edge of his bed. Laundry is hanging on it, his mother is just hanging some out. The days go by noticeably now. He really wakes up once! Wonders at all that exists, including within oneself. He gets up. How small he is! And how big his room seems!

Order ? chaos?

He doesn’t remember. His door calls him. What were you doing there again? Shun sees his gift. He was given a tool bench. With toy tools. He understood that immediately. You couldn’t really fix anything with it. « But maybe something can be done with it! It must be useful for something! Destined for more than just toys….” He opens the door. Why does he know his way around this huge house so damn well? The stairs lead down. One. Two. Three. He goes down four steps. Not too far, danger lurks around every corner. Everything is unknown. That’s what makes it so valuable! His parents greet him. Does he understand her? Does he say something? He doesn’t know anymore. The events that followed feel like dreams, but whether they are is something Shun’s spirits still argue about today.

He’s at the zoo. Or a wildlife park. It looks like something out of a TV show that includes a yellow sponge and a captain sketched in a painting but with a movable human mouth. « Is this the first episode you never watched ? » He looks to the left and sees huge figures on the horizon. Are those some elephants? dinosaurs?

No security in knowledge. Because he’s aware.

Shun looks ahead again and goes to the playground. Are there other children there?

Playing ? No, there is nobody there…

Shun doesn’t seem to care and balances on a smoothed log.

What happens then, he doesn’t know it anymore.

Have a wonderful day, stay curios, and…

Thank you for reading!

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