Things that come automatically are meant to be. If you wouldn’t think it, you couldn’t say it, and thus, it will never be said (at least by you, but hypothetically speaking we do not observe more than the entirety of humanity within one single vessel, with no other animal or even the opposite sex existing.)

Like I said, hypothetically. In the realms of an abstract, 3-dimensional Illustration of human (and not-human) souls and whatsoever. A whiteboard of all the possibilities, like chess, but „detailed“.

In my personal opinion, Chess depicts the version of the „game of real life, with real emotions, real pain and real gain“ which is just boiled down to it’s strategical core, in any life situation.

This whiteboard is the exact opposite of „boiled down“, however, it is still uncommonly abstract.

It takes the things as they are in the „visible, audible and heptical …etc.“-world, the sensory world, unfiltered as they are, and just… well…filters them.

Through many filters.

Just as the three ethical filters of socrates, which judges the means of thinking right, as of three simple questions:

  1. Have you made absolutely sure that […] is true?
  2. Is what you are about to tell […] something good?
  3. Is what you want to tell […] useful to me?

I took this information from a blog post I really enjoyed. Check out „The Complexity Enthusiast“.

It’s short, it’s teaching some deep stuff – I like that kind of thing!

Well, back to automatism.

The reason you still exist and didn’t kill yourself way long ago (because your subconscious is quite a genius, and probably figured out a long time ago that the most logical and realistic way to see the world would be the philosophy of nihilism), was because of your automated instincts and all additional processes and events.

(the biggest of them to mention right away whould be frick’n emotions… (there you have it, just the word „emotions“ makes me angry, while it lacks a reason: A perfect way to describe emotions!))

However, you would have to be logical and have the will to be realistic right away, in order to get these processes in motion.

Here I am – the living proof – that seemingly not all creatures in this existence always wanted to be logical and realistic. We can set the rule:

Everyone sees oneself as the most logical and realistic entity

Citation: Me, I guess?

…because otherwise, how could one be confident enough to disturb the spheres of others, to get their own free will satisfied, whitout caring about the goals, ambitions, values and reasons of other, because it would harm oneself the most, if they would harm other in any possible way.

People get enraged pretty quick (it’s born with them -> automatic process). A lot of them can hide it. And those around you may not even get violent when enraged, but they process it right away with a good laugh.

The may be the types of „rage“ we all know and typically also value, since it is a sign of good companionship and thus, assured survival (which we learned: Is the synonym for „good“)

The absurdity of it all is: If everyone sees oneself as realistic and the most logical, they are perfectly wrong, in any aspect.

No real genius thinks of oneself as a genius. All "smart" people who aren't but bragging about their IQ's are not focused to be "something else than what you would think is their motivation" 

If you automatically (with no conscious curiousity settled) have questions now, I’m more then satisfied. It was the goal of this post. ^^

I wish you a wonderful day, stay curious, and…

Thank you for reading!

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