Thoughts on cognitive functions

Actually everyone just has to win, and then, we are done with Life itself.

For some, however, winning is a lifetime game that they never achieve and for some, a quick lifetime game of what they achieve through their hard work and perspective.

In fact, everyone has already gained through his and her existence. To live is a privilege as not everyone has survived to this point. When people strive for success, all they have to do is help others to win themselves.

The more you read books, the more are the chunks of your true knowledge, the things that are still in your head. Not everything you read.

Pedagogy : Active processing, i.e. creating your own world view of something, and then comparing and replacing it with the facts. Almost like Ni and Ne, who already approach everything with prejudices 😛

They learn better because they think more about what they read and also experience everything of the content even outside the reading process. So it’s a replacement for the sensory stimuli around them, that’s why bookworms often normally daydream. Probably. In Theory.

Si and Se needs reasons for that. Something concrete. A thing, in the first place.

Ni and Ne say YOLO to each other and start thinking casually, as if it wouldn’t be anything special. And do all the mental work in advance. While some others only commence this activity when the situation is assigned to them, Ni and Ne don’t wait until someone orders them to do so. Therefore they are taken spontaneously and excellently in execution and choice of words when it comes to ideas. Si and Se, on the other hand, need time.

Everyone does. But spectated in the big picture, there are so many possibilities, like preparation combined with hard, disciplined work.

While Se/Si thinks, nothing is possible, Ne/Ni always proof them wrong.

And while Se/Si now thinks, that Se and Si are horrible functions to have at all, because they generalize everything the „Se(e)“, Ne and Ni question their own beliefs. So they search for answers. All by themselves.

But not everyone who uses these functions does exactly that. Typology does not put people in a box, with fixed behaviours and already predestined succes rates.

It’s nothing but a classification of cognition, so how you process (Observe) and use (Decide) that information to survive and to live. Especially your individual social environment.


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