How to win

I seriously believe that man and his personality are based purely on an irrational basis.

« Do not think that you are thinking, but : Think ! »

I often had trouble concentrating.

But sometimes I got the impression that other people thought I knew how to deal with it. Don’t think about what you are talking about, in what situation, with what people. When you talk, do, and create, compare yourself to your former self, but don’t become your former self. Consciousness is the friend of time but the enemy of success. The more consciously you take each step towards your goal, the more each step hurts.

Be conscious about your goal, not about your action. You have to do your action a thousand more times, every step the same if not better. You have thousands of repetitions of this a day.

The sweetness of success only hits you once.

So when hitting, don’t focus on the hit, but on the sound it makes when it hits. On the face, or the deformation of the punching bag. Put a spanner in the works by not philosophizing, and not being able to keep asking yourself why you’re doing something (because you’re too engrossed in your actual work, like Stone Age people and animals just focused on surviving every day, because it was the most natural thing in its existence). Once you find your why, there’s a difference between being sure and really going through with it. You can be motivated and confident, and still do nothing.

And that’s dangerous.

You want to survive, but when you say to your body:

« No, I don’t want that »

Then you have answered the only question you have to answer in life wrong.

And you don’t want that. It’s that simple.

You want to do things right. You can do everything that lies in your power right.

So if you’re doing everything you can do, you’ve done everything right.

And you can only do the things by doing them right.

Because the only thing you can do wrong is to do nothing.

Because anything you did wrong is the same as not doing anything.

Life (or survival in that sense) is a beautiful thing because it only has things in its existence that are right, as wrong things don’t exist.

Have a good day!


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Eigentlich bin ich manchmal ganz nett. Sometimes I may actually be nice.

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