Praise Challenge #7 Tasting

On german again, nobody seemed to have even noticed the english version.

And since it doesn’t make any sense to brabble something on another language than the manuscript you’re reading and writing from, I decided to continue the „sound“-way, but change the „write“ way.

Why are you even interested in that? Why do I write this down?

Warning, Random Fact incoming: I can taste a little better now.

Hope you now want to have a taste of my video, and the progress you could make, by also trying to write down what you’ve done great in your life!

…or just while passing the normal day, to distract you from the constant misery of the world that comes to you delivered right through the media. Everywhere.

That was a complex sentence.



Veröffentlicht von Ventusator

Eigentlich bin ich manchmal ganz nett. Sometimes I may actually be nice.

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