Blaise Pascal (2/2): The meaning

If there is no meaning, but life exists (in the case of mankind), there is also an authority that can make meaning. So, second case: The meaning still doesn’t exist, but mankind has made one. Principles of Existence: „Whatever you really set out to do, you will achieve.“ + „The path is the goal“ means:„Blaise Pascal (2/2): The meaning“ weiterlesen

Blaise Pascal (1/2): The Wager

The chance that life has meaning is 50%. So: Does life have no meaning, or does life have a meaning? It plays out something like Pascal’s Wager: If God existed, we would have a higher expectation of being right if believed in him. However, Blaise Pascal did not want to prove the existence of God,„Blaise Pascal (1/2): The Wager“ weiterlesen