Chess: Universe

Therefore, the opposing strategy cannot be adhered to in the hope of being able to delay a long game. Rather the opposite will be the case. Because whatever you do, the universe does something about it. It lets you do certain things, many of them not entirely without consequences. Or at least no immediate and„Chess: Universe“ weiterlesen


Looking back, it seemed like an enlightenment to me. I would just have liked to join them and lay down. But that didn’t work. I’m still alive. It would also be rude. They all seem to be having a lot of fun. I didn’t want to interrupt that. So, I went on. It was dark.„Cemetery“ weiterlesen

Plus and Minus C10: Logic

Logic, numbers and the ability to think purposefully This “tunnel vision”, as I’d call it boldly, is definitely one of the most effective states a person can find himself in. I, who I have already written a text about the advantages of fanaticism and aggressiveness, like few people, pursue a passion for a certain topic„Plus and Minus C10: Logic“ weiterlesen