The goal is, to be useful to a thing, for what you weren’t designed for in the first place. Like us. We’re animals, designed to kill, eat, have fun and sleep. Yet, we do all that, but call it life, and don’t show each other doing the killing stuff. We all apparently silently agreed on„Manual“ weiterlesen

Plus and Minus C6: Basic Principles

Why does time go exactly the way it does? Some would argue that time goes straight, some may argue that time has no direction, and still others would argue that time is like a train and we humans stand by and look at that train. The fact is: There is something in this universe that„Plus and Minus C6: Basic Principles“ weiterlesen

Plus and Minus C5.1: Paradox of the will to survive

How important is competition in life and why? (I know, oddly drawn. Maybe I’m going to improve it in a decade or two 😉 When it comes to the question of identity, the model of the church is often used to describe people and to be able to divide them into its components: The human„Plus and Minus C5.1: Paradox of the will to survive“ weiterlesen