Plus and Minus C9: Potential

Highest possible potential (In the thumbnail is so much room for potential) (ha ha…) The title is by no means intended to act as a deterrent, this point actually comes before logic, as it is, among other things, the reason for this book. The performance of every person would definitely be maximized, or at least„Plus and Minus C9: Potential“ weiterlesen

Plus and Minus C5.1: Paradox of the will to survive

How important is competition in life and why? (I know, oddly drawn. Maybe I’m going to improve it in a decade or two 😉 When it comes to the question of identity, the model of the church is often used to describe people and to be able to divide them into its components: The human„Plus and Minus C5.1: Paradox of the will to survive“ weiterlesen

Plus and Minus C4: Power for Changes

But how exactly are changes and development related to life? This curve represents the development of a person from birth. It is a cosine curve because it only begins to rise from the second „zero”. The energy in every living being is measured on the y-axis, according to which energy would only form in the„Plus and Minus C4: Power for Changes“ weiterlesen

Plus and Minus C3: The Theory of Life

Here is the philosophical / figurative approach to explaining life. Intended for both toddlers and definition freaks of all ages. I also refer you to the disclaimer at the end of the article because many things can be very misunderstood. The world is made up of atoms. Atoms are made up of particles. There are„Plus and Minus C3: The Theory of Life“ weiterlesen

Plus and Minus C2: Create a World

C2 = Chapter 2 Let’s create a world! Who doesn’t dream of having their own kingdom, their own universe, all to themselves? A sandpit in which everything goes exactly the way you want it to. Probably many don’t. Firstly, the idea of ​​it is not realistic at all, and secondly, it is no longer fun„Plus and Minus C2: Create a World“ weiterlesen

Plus and Minus: Foreword and First Chapter

The book “Plus and Minus” deals with the general question of dualism in existence. Among other things, the topics of change in life, the meaning, the question of the question, and many other „practical“ questions that everyone asked themselves but did not want to deal with any further are dealt with.

Gelber Bus

Einmal verrutscht, und es wäre vorbei. Dafür könnte niemand etwas, nur die Schuhsohle und der Schlamm. Sonst wäre niemand dafür schuldig, für das, was dann mit Marc geschehen würde. Die Gefahr war groß, wäre er am Boden, käme er nie wieder hoch. Dann würde er nicht rennen können. Und das müsste er, ehe es zu„Gelber Bus“ weiterlesen


„Dem kann es doch nicht gut gehen!“, dachte sich die etwas ältere Dame die mit einem Jungen an einer Ampel stand. Sie betrachtete ihn ein wenig näher, nachdem sie gemerkt hatte dass er leicht keuchte, sich an die Laterne gelehnt hatte, und alles in allem ziemlich fertig aussah. Es war noch immer Winter- und Coronazeit,„Ampel“ weiterlesen

Flynn (English Version)

Flynn. Yep, it was him. The one and only. Hardly anyone hadn’t said his name yet. But the way he was, he usually thought of something to keep people sticking to his name. To somehow stuff it into their mouths every day so that nobody forgets it. He’s been doing this successfully for years. And„Flynn (English Version)“ weiterlesen


Flynn. Jep, Er war’s. Der einzig wahre. Kaum einer hatte seinen Namen noch nicht ausgesprochen. Doch so wie er war, dachte er sich meist etwas aus, um die Leute an seinen Namen zu halten. Um ihn irgendwie tagtäglich in ihre münder zu stopfen, sodass ihn ja niemand vergisst. Das machte er nun schon seit Jahren„Flynn“ weiterlesen