A Little Tale About Friendship In Space

The commander not only looked grim, he was too.

He really was annoyed by the seemingly never-ending workdays in a row, his colleagues, but especially by his goldfish who died this morning and which he now had to throw into the space toilet flush.

That day, nothing was just not as great as he would have liked it to be.

At least his colleagues weren’t too influenced by him and enjoyed the day to the fullest, each one in their own way.

The 7 people, who all previously studied at the galactic earthly university, and who found each other through a voluntary expedition, had all put their passions into this ship and its mission. This new mission only commenced roughly three weeks ago, but it already feels like they are all working together for an eternity.

Joe, the stereotypical, strict, boring scientist, always looked at the complex plant diversity carried on board from the previously visited alien planets in order to investigate their behavior in weightlessness, while Hanna, the stereotypical crazy ahem impulsive baller woman, who can be undoubtedly counted on to handle the space turrets in extreme cases, just rose in the galactic ranking of her MMO-Shooter-Game.

And then there was the doctor, Layla, who loved to be alone, but actually was very sweet while being around others. Still, no one seemed to know much about her.

Today, Michael was also annoyed as a mechatronics technician in the engine room, but that’s the same mood he always has, thought the commander.

“Maybe I should pay him a visit.“ , the commander said to himself before pausing to think.

“No, then we’d both just be in a worse mood!“, he corrected himself, and went through the automatically sliding door to the main control room of the ship.

“ Gud‘ Morning sir! „, he was greeted quickly.

“ Mornin’… “

Stef was alerted immediately.

«Got up badly or is there something I need to know? »

„Everything’s all right, Stef, I just … got up on the wrong foot,“ replied the commander, thinking in his mind of the last evening when he had learned to hate Stef in particular.

„Well, if it’s just that … You can analyze a few logical circuits with me, it drives the blood flow in the brain and lifts the mood!“ »

“Thank you, but… no, you can do that much better than me. And now off to work with you, the console doesn’t work by itself! »

“Oh, but it does! “

“ Since when ? „

“ Since last night ! Joe was in a kind of trance from his nutrient pill overdose, in which he began to improve the system, and partly also to destroy it, just to reassemble it, so that now almost everything controls itself, and the alarm is also connected to the emergency system, so that unknown approaching objects are now automatically and in advance forewarned. I’m practically unemployed ”, Stef explained with a smile.

The commander rubbed his forehead. Longer than usually.

He than said: „There is always something to do. Get this educational module for the system, I think it only takes three hours or so, and then reprogram the system so that it can repair itself from the outside. I expect it to be ready by tomorrow! „.

Stef seemed disappointed. “ Just tomorrow ? I should be done with this in about 6 hours or so! »

„Take a break and relax with Layla and Hanna. Tomorrow you will be faster than working straight through the 6 hours “

„If you say so, Captain …“. Stef left the main control room after his salute.

And although he was the first to get to the headquarters, he hadn’t noticed this one person who was going to die in this exact room by the hands of the commander himself …

The commander sat in the corner. The cell was kept cozy even for prisoners, but now the commander also knew that conscience itself can turn out to be a prison, in which it becomes very uncomfortable.

Then Michael came in. He looked at the commander, the pride, the hero he had once looked up at.

The highly prestigious rich person for whom he gladly sacrificed his work and life. Michael was disgusted.

‚Why did you do that, Cap‘? „, he then asked.

Silence. It was cool. There were soft steps on the corridor. You could hear a leaf, falling from some strange plant in the laboratory.

„Why ?“, Michael repeated.

Silence. Stare. For a while Michael just stared at the commander. Then he screamed, startled him, and probably everyone heard it on the ship: “She was your bloody friend! »

Joe at the door overheard everything.

The beautiful star landscape with a few small planets was seen clearly through the huge window, which extended into the cell. It actually was a reason for the commander to look out.

And he did it this time too, before he was pulled back into the dark corridor, back into his laboratory.

He was just curious. The commander still didn’t really move, his eyes were at least wide open, his posture had loosened a little because of the startle, but was immediately tense again, so that every recognizable movement was only a simple short tremor.

Joe touched his forehead. Then the commander quickly turned his head to the cell door as if he heard Joe. As if he could see him. His expression, without even having to know it, must radiate such disappointment that the commander, the former epitome of pride, could of course perceive it.

Michael was both shocked and partially fascinated by this sudden movement. He followed the mad-looking man’s gaze, and then thought that the commander must desperately want to flee. «You can easily forget that, your eyes belong here! „. Michael started to get louder.

The cell door opened and Joe entered the room.

As if he knew exactly where Micheal was standing, he aimed it gazes withno hesitation at him and said:

„You are doing your work incredibly inefficiently, please leave this cell immediately“

Michael never really saw Joe in person.

But he never really had contact with black people either, at least his occasional instructions and requests to maintain and repair certain things had often come into view in digital form.

Since he didn’t want a conflict either, and also respected Joe as a scientist who could make intelligent assessments, Michael was silent and left the room as he was told.

Some time passed. It was supposed to make sure that Michael, in the case he would be waiting at the door and listen out of curiosity, sooner or later give up, and leave these two men completely alone.

After three minutes of total physical silence and the two people just blinking at each other, Joe finally was relieved.

„… 179…180 seconds, we can talk.“

Since only Joe knew something, and the commander knew that he knew, they both started laughing out loud.

Only Joe was smart enough to understand what the commander did.

The commander was smart enough to know that no one else on this ship would ever understand.

Not Stef, not Michael, not Hanna, not Layla.

„I wonder what the Ludovitanian would have done if you would’ve let him live,“ Joe asked himself.

„Such an infiltrator, declaring itself to be one of us, a human being, surely was dangerous, not only for our crew, but for our whole mission.

I’m glad to have someone who studied intergalactic ethnology as a competent Captain.“

„His skin, which let him customize it’s appearance to the same as Laylas‘ has already returned in its true shape and color, the others could see it if you want,“ he added. „He’s already told me in our private…interrogation sessions that he left Layla unhurt on earth, he didn’t put a finger on her.“

„Why don’t you just prove your innocence? It’s not that hard this time…“

„No, flush it away in the space toilet. „, ordered the commander in a soft, nearly pleasing tone.
«I leave it to you to declare my death, tell them I would have committed suicide. You just heard a noise and suddenly saw my corpse lying dead on the floor.

Then I eject myself in an escape pod in which you say the corpses of me and Layla are in there. I need a few days of vacation!“


For all the sci-fi fans out there, I’m sure you’ve enjoyed that one, maybe even more than I did.

And please… I know that the translation isn’t perfect, so, if you’ve seen some mistakes, or ways to write it better, please just let me know through the comments below.

I was just inspired by ideas, innovations and, of course, death, to write a little story that just kinda popped off in my head suddenly.

Anyways, I’ve come to a conclusion that I may need to narrow down my thoughts a little bit, because in nearly every Idea for a new story, I miss the opportunity to connect it to e.g. the very first scenario, with Sophie and Phil in a shared apartment.

I’m sorry for all those, who want to continue reading in their favorite setting, but I’ve just got so many ideas and chaos in my head, that I may need to create order first, and that consumes time.

I hate that. I actually enjoy writing everything that comes out of my brain, even if it’s just vomit.

Please, give some feedback if you’re interested in these kind of stories, or rather in some different scenarios. The core of all the short stories is actually the philosophical everyday question, or in this case, a social experiment where everyone needs to handle and judge their prejudices themeselves. A situation the most of us may just know all to well in their everyday lives 😉

I wish you a wonderful day or night, stay curious, and…

Thank you for Reading!

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