The Reawakening…

Systems. Everything is a system.

Some systems work well, and others do not.

„Never change a running system“, murphy once said. I guess he was right in terms of running systems, which do not appear anywhere near human actions.

They might be the result of the somehow managed unified effort of thinking and specification, but not and never a determined thing in the behaviour of human beings, and the human psyche.

That said, I guess it was predetermined for taking so long.

Fear and pressure of starting a new post, maintaining my standards of language and choosing of word and length for my texts…

My past self made some people like something, so whatever I did seemed to be great.

Even greater is the fact, to not know what made this success emerge from seemingly nowhere.

So I started back at the basics, which consequentually turned out to be this Blog:

„Why? Why do you want to do something?“

Whenever the time to write somthing down was near, I didn’t knew how to start. Some may say that structure comes second place to content, but since I’ve got time, I can fulfill my standards, on which I admittedly put much value.

So: Structures.

For future comments, I am firstly going to underline what I really liked about your post. Secondly comes constructive feedback, something that did not go well or even disturbed the usefulness and experience in reading your post. Finally, I will finish comments with something overall great, so the typical characteristics your post showed up, which may be quite remarkable to my eye.

What I found out is, that long, well prepared posts do not attract many people who can consequently not profitate from the knowledge I presume they’re interested in. Thus, my many thoughts in this „Reawakening-Series“ are going to be split up upon many smaller publications, in order to maintain my status-quo of „long, deeply worked out thoughts“ in form of essays, and yet, make it easier and more enjoyable for any visitor to risk a glance in one of my posts. My Short-Stories were originally created for this exact purpose, in order to make my thoughts and theories and philosophy more compelling, however, this is fine too.

This was the result of analyzing my own site, hopefully helping other bloggers on their journey too!

I wish you, after a long time – finally! – a wonderful day again, remember to stay curios, and…

Thank you for reading!

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