Improvement (1/2)

‚Tis is but a thought. (I hope a spelled the historical and cooler version of „this“ right.)

There are many things to improve.Look around!

See any problem you’ve got?


I don’t see them either.

Look at yourself first. At your health. At your body.

You wouldn’t be here, standing around, thinking, if you wouldn’t have a vessel, to keep your spongy, grey, jolly-wobble thingy in your skull functioning.

You couldn’t live and have a body without a floor!„, the audience screams out of the blue.

If you would not have the ground beneath your feet, you wouldn’t be standing too, I know. But if there wouldn’t be a floor, or anything else to keep us alive, we wouldn’t ask in the first place.

No object would ask to survive longer then it is already predetermined.

Only living things can do that. Today’s society practiced though, to deny this fact professionally, as it seems.

So let’s summarize until now: We have a body, which is in fact the base of all things in our life.

Why? What is our life?

It mainly consists of our perception, so our consciousness, and our memory. (Of course there are more answers, but these are the most necessary ones to answer the question correctly).

When is a question answered „correctly“, though?

If the one who asked, is suddenly silent, and asks no more questions in this field of information, for the moment (this „moment“ is also just a frame of information).

So, what is our consciousness?

The ability to aks and answer. Questions and Answers are nothing more than frames of information, like, the question is a frame, and we want to fill out that frame.

Everything is information. So everything is a giant, classical puzzle. We only have a little bit of all these information available, and will probably never even perceive everything there is. But we do have frames, like our field of vision, which depicts as an image like a frame of a monitor in a video game. When we hear, we have a frame around us, telling us, that everything we hear is the answer to the question: „Can you hear that far?“->“Yes“

Since you do not know anytime who asks this question (I mean, the universe could ask you, and even asks you right now), and certainly (or hopefully?) don’t ask that yourself all the time, you will never answer with „No“ because, well you didn’t hear that noise.

The same applies to knowledge.

You might be proud of the amount of information you have filled in your frame of existence, but you’ll never „hear“ those informations, which are beyond your reach, because your mind cannot grab them. That doesn’t mean, that you couldn’t understand everything, no, you can, if you consistently repeat, study, or change the perspective.

„Whatever can be worked on, will eventually be finished, if you want to, or not.“

This „finishing process“ may not alway occur according to your preferences. So hurry up, so it’ll come the way you want it to happen!

BUT it sets boundaries, to what you’ll ever know. And this boundary is called time. Hypothetically speaking, you could learn all your life, without break. (You actually do, but too many people refer to the concept of learning as studying)

Some famous quote once said:

„I hate studying, studying is awful. I prefer learning, learning is great!“, or something like that.

…you could learn all your life, without break, and then you would have reached the limits of information a human being can „PERCEIVE“

Thing is: You could never live a life only „perceiving“ you also need a counterpart, called „applying“

Why? Because of the change and development diagramm I already showed you, which represents every process ever to happen in life, life itself, if I may put it like that:

If you’ve forgot how it looked like, here it is again

Just think of „Regeneration“ as taking in new information: Relaxing while reading a good book about quantum physics, and „Efforts“ as shooting out all the information you just learned, for example by annoyingly brag about it with your colleagues who study biology, and chatter around for hours about that subject, without noticing how less they care. (never happened to me, I swear)

..or by giving a professional lecture in class.

By applying thinking, you also learn something. By just reading, you learn too, but slower, since you brain focuses to regenerate energy for the next „shootout of information“. JUst imagine how you would apply that very knowledge you just read about, to a real situation, that is very likely to happen in the future. For example a question that could come up in your exams. Or a practical advice you could give your friends, who suddenly admire you for memorizing facts.

…never happened to me either…. 😀

Summary by this jungle of thoughts: We’ve got two areas to improve. First off, we’ve got our body, which tells us to survive, if we want to, or not.Otherwise we couldn’t be here and think, so existentially seen, it is only logical trying to survive. If we actually survive or not is not that important. Objectively seen, so the Universe wouldn’t care. Subjectively, we apparently want to survive ourselves, so, let’s just go by that. We do not know what we want or not, so that logic gives us a bit of static in that sea of change.

Next up, we kinda survived. So now, a counterpart has to evolve, otherwise, life wouldn’t exist, which would be contradiction, and logical facallaties aren’t allowed in our world (or in our consciousness, which is basically the same as „our world“)

So now, we want mental stuff. We completed the easy part, now we have a complex part. Only we human beings brought up such an incredible tool which calls itself „brain“ and seems to have tendencies of narcissism, given that it claims to be a „mystery“ and a „masterpiece of human nature“.

In that mental stuff, we want to improve, through questions and answers. Also: Letting creativity and mental development evolve in a healthy, satisfying, but challenging way, so we’ll never be in the same state, and can actually proudly claim to be alive, in this insignificant, dead world.

There’s more to improve. These were just the basics.

I wish you a wonderful day, stay curious, and…

Thank you for reading!

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