Thought about philosophy

Philosophy is the study of resting the mind.

Like a passenger on a never-ending train who couldn’t control how the tracks are laid, but which direction the train goes and the people it kills.

In the best case none at all.

And this traveler who needs constant attention not to get off the rails but is really just tired and needs answers to sleep, to satisfy curiosity, can’t just stop driving and do just that. The philosophy is like a kingdom for these travelers, where everyone is treated as the owner of the rail works and the carriages, without the rails being adversely affected on the „real“ train journey.

You learn to drive if you haven’t let the train run long enough before because you’re afraid of its speed and the resulting too short a trip. After all, you want to enjoy the train ride when you can rest long enough because the train was comfortable.

Others can’t rest, had to drive all the time, and have already made too many wrong decisions that put them on the wrong track – just because they couldn’t stop their train.

Therefore they live their lives at the right speed: The highest speed! Those who have already reached their goals are also driving at maximum speed, but it is very slow in comparison.

In order to get up to maximum speed, but also to relax while the flow of thoughts is running and to be able to be born properly at all, there are the rails of philosophy:

on which one learns to sleep while running.

When thinking of the futility, grasps the meaning. Sleeping is pointless, but people have to do it.

Believing in a meaning is irrational, but the human kind has to do it. Having emotions is useless – man has them anyway.

Thank you universe, you really love us, don’t you?!

Have a wonderful day, stay curious and…

Thank you for reading!

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