The goal is, to be useful to a thing, for what you weren’t designed for in the first place.

Like us. We’re animals, designed to kill, eat, have fun and sleep. Yet, we do all that, but call it life, and don’t show each other doing the killing stuff. We all apparently silently agreed on shunting a big part of that killing to within ourselves. Some just got the signal of that silent agreement, misunderstood immediately, and transferred the killing to the wrong part: The brain.

Oh, well. Missing the meaning of the signal allows the conclusion of an already damaged peanut in their hats.

We’re meant to do something else than JUST surviving – we as the lucky ones to get the organ who lets us work together and find the most sustainable way of consuming and hunting and sheltering (answering all the questions in a sustainable manner) forced us to have some entertainment, in order to do what we automatically did, and thus, to do, what we were meant to do.

New answers -> New questions!


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Eigentlich bin ich manchmal ganz nett. Sometimes I may actually be nice.

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