An Example of Essay Evaluation + Motivation

Essay evaluation


Thought it’d be cool to share this and maybe even use this too!

When I’m commenting on someone else’s post, I always end up asking myself (why and) how I’m doing this.

To have a guide and a helping hand really is a bliss!

That’s the conclusion for today, I guess.

Check out „Project Elon“ – He provided motivational videos at the beginning, now it kind of transformed completely in a study guide and learning advisor-channel.

Which is fantastic in my opinion!

Even though I’m not a fan of school and studying, I really enjoy learning and reading and doing educational tasks all by myself! Since I don’t see any reason why I should not do it, and a million to tell myself that learning is life!

Every moment you take a breath or meet a person – heck, you don’t even need to meet them, but just looking at faces you’ve never seen before already makes your brain transform. Hard to imagine, I know, but you also have to learn in order to do the same things you do everyday!

If you want to or not, you’re already doing the right things somehow, you just don’t know how to control it yet.

That’s a fact, no matter at which „level“ you’re at. Whether you’re done with your formal education, were just born or think that you’re about to die: You always exist. Not everybody exists. Be proud of yourselves now.

The only two things that you can do wrong in this life are the following, nearly impossible missions:

  1. Do nothing and give up
  2. Don’t give it your best shot you possibly can learn

Since a lot of people do the number 1 thing right, but the number 2 thing wrong, it seems we kind of lost direction while we aren’t supposed to search for direction!

Take Gary Vaynerchuck as an example:

Again, whatever I show you, I recommend looking into more content that they are producing. It’s amazing how much this all can guide you to answers you’re searching for (but the real answers are never served to you right away, you just have to abstract it out of what really is being said or published or whatever. I hope you knew that before, and if not, just take this and go for it in the future!)

Motivational today, aren’t we?

Well, hope you fought yourself better throught this monday with it!

Remember Mindset is everything!


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