Update: Videos!

Hard to believe but yes, I am widening my presence in this weird online world towards YouTube.

Do not fear, this blog with its written words and laws and projects (I’ve got one with a lot of quotes in it, very recommandable!) won’t die that fast, in the contrary!

I’m just not that in a hurry anymore, to find out a purpose in existence. So I guess I can rest a bit, and finally speak out a little!

That also means: managing all the thoughts I collected over time, and rearrange them to reinforce my superiority complex of having a clear and consistent system of reasoning mainly telling the user of why people want stuff, why people want to win and when it is actually rather stupid to be conscious about your actions.

So: You’ll see me doing videos with my Avatar called Shun, making up tables and teaching my own philosophical, motivational theories (which combined, are longer-lasting as any motivational video you’ll ever see). At the same time, I try to be as scientific as possible, and compare actual anthropological theories with my own, in order to be finally able to say:

I have contributed to science!

Yep that kinda is my goal right now.

Also: My Videos should be soon released on English too, how I manage subscriptions and payment is undefined right now.

So I’ll work now, see you later!


P.S.: Pro Tip. Instead of going to YouTube and type in „Mexistence“ in the search bar (yes, really without a „y“) you can also watch my videos by clicking at the navigation block on the upper right corner of this website, and then click on „Videos“.

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Eigentlich bin ich manchmal ganz nett. Sometimes I may actually be nice.

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